Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Training with Dave

So I pretty much knew what to expect with my trainer, Dave. This is not the first time he's kicked my butt into shape ya know. Last year he put the smack down on my ass, seriously. I never felt so good. It's killed me that I have not been able to train with him for so long, but we had just moved and did a remodel so money was tight.

Let me tell you about day one! When your trainer says, "meet me at Squaw Peak" you pretty much know that for the rest of the day, and day two you won't be able to walk. We are just approaching the first bench and he says, "how are you doing?"..."fine", I say (thinking no problem, I've been up this mtn a ton of times right), then he says, "good, this is just a warm up!" WHAT THE HELL!!!! I swear a little piece of my spirit jumped right off the side of the mountain.....weeeeeee, right over she went.

Let's fast forward a bit....did you guys know there were stairs at Squaw Peak because I didn't....yeah, about 5 sets of them! I had to go up and down 5 times in 10 minutes. Sounds easy enough right...meet me out there and I'll time you - after your hike of course! I did it though but just a tad over the 10 minutes. Dave says we have a good starting point. He's right.....I know that if anyone can push me the way I need to be pushed it's him.

Just about the time I could taste my breakfast in my mouth again I started thinking about my goal and what I was doing this for. I will not forget my quest for Ironman! No matter how hard this gets or how many times I want to give up.

Thanks Dave...I bitch a lot, but I love every second of it!

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