Saturday, January 31, 2009

I can't believe I did it!

That's right... I can't believe I pulled off 182 bike miles, 21 run miles and 2000 yards at the pool in 12 days straight! That's some crazy training but looking back on it, it really wasn't that bad. I would have liked my rest days but losing them was nobodies fault but my own... hurry for me!

Probably the hardest day was my last 25 bike miles and I ran just over 6 miles...(from Squaw Peak to home). It was the slowest biking I have done in a looonnnggg time. I was pretty bored and my rear was baked to the seat at this point. I think I ripped some skin when I got off - ouch.

I just felt really fortunate when I was running. Fortunate that I can go outside and just run without having to cover my body or my face. Without having to worry about being kidnapped or raped or arrested. What a great place of opportunity and freedom we all share. I am blessed and the feeling was so overwhelming that it kept my feet going and going.

There is one thing we all need to address though. As neighborhood stewards I really think it's our job to remind our communities to TAKE DOWN YOUR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! I can't even believe this but I've been riding in some really nice neighborhoods and even THEY have left their lights up. It strikes everywhere. I'm sorry but in Feb I'll be sending out tickets to anyone who still has a blow up Santa laying on their lawn or robotic reindeer on their roof. I cant' take it anymore - the holiday if over people!

Well, I hate to say it but I do have 12 bike and 2 run miles to get done today. I was mtn biking but as it turns out a whole group of men are going so I opted to bike on my own and leave Rick to his group of guys. Something about a new trail they just found up near Blk Canyon City has them all in a frenzy....

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I've had my hand under my chin for about 10 minutes thinking about today's post...just looking at this screen...hummmmm...should I go funny or serious? What kind of mood am I in?? What do people get from reading my thoughts? It's like a reality show but online and you can't see me? How many of you people do I really know (I'm knocking on my computer screen - Hellloooo in there!) My mood is tired so you get what you get...

So I've been on facebook for several weeks and it's interesting really. It's a mini blog! But that's not what today's post is about! It's about my workouts and speaking of...I lost my rest day today because I didn't get enough miles in earlier this month and I only have until Saturday to get them all in. I'm SOOOO TIRED! I learned a great lesson through all this. When Dave tells me at the beginning of the month what my goals are he's not kidding around. This is what I love about having my own trainer/babysitter. I don't have to think about this stuff. I've become robotic and I won't have it any other way. He gives me a command and I stand at attention. No matter how miserable I just keep doing it...and I say thank you when we are done! It's a sick process.

Random thought - I never used an iPod when I first starting my training. I was totally against it but now I can't live without it! My shins hurt... (here comes the pitty party)

We had a group workout yesterday Brigid, Dave and I We did some drills and running followed by a swim workout with Butch and Vickie. It was SO MUCH FUN! My swimming was not as bad as I thought after so many weeks off. One of the best things about Dave is his ability to make exercise super fun. My shoulder still gives me worry but I have lots of time to build up the endurance.

I have to go bike and run.....I'm going to let out a few really horrible curse words (P(*&)(&#$#_$*@#$*@#*$@#!#$%%%$#@@*$*@#) and then go put my bike clothes on. If you are looking for me just go outside and you'll find me :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I just added my miles up for the week. I can't even believe it but I rode 141 miles since last Tuesday! Yippy for me!!! No wonder I'm tired :0

UPDATE - It's 151 miles because I didn't include my CompuTrainer miles. I'm such a bad ass!

I knew it

Didn't I say yesterday that I was sure today's workout would test my limits and make me sweat? I'm exhausted. Mentally and physically I'm just toast right now. I am counting the hours until my rest day and since I have some serious running to get done before the 1st, it won't be coming before then.

I met Dave at Camelback again today. I was prepared! I brought food even though he told me we were not going long today.. Anyway, I'm not sure the name of the street but it's off of McDonald & 44th St. near Camelback Mtn and let me tell you, it's tough. We did a loop with some baby hills followed by one giant freaken mammoth hill that I thought for sure I would not make. If I stopped pedalling just for a second I would have fallen over for sure. My loop time averaged about 6:40 or so (some laps were better then others) but honestly, I had a really hard time holding back my tears after lap two and three. I just don't know why hills are such a challenge for me. I tried, honestly I did with all my might to do exactly what Dave was telling me to do but half way up that hill my legs just said no more and I would fall apart just barely getting to the top.

The question this a mental issue? I don't think so. I want to do it...I'm not afraid of it but my quads start to burn and I can't seem to push past that pain for more then a minute or two max. It's ironic really. I've had so many people ask me why I'm training so early for IM...a race that's in Nov. Well, today's performance is the reason. I don't have the leg endurance to keep me going for 17 hours so I have to start early. I'm in this race to finish...nothing less.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What a day

First, a quick message to our friend Hollon. Our hearts and thoughts are with you and your family this week as you mourn the loss of your mother. John 14:1-3

I was able to get 42.25 miles done yesterday, which puts me really close to reaching my mileage for the month....only 55 more to go. I'm sure Dave is happy about that too since I've been missing the mark since the holiday.

He and I met at the gym today and let me say this - WOW. Riding home I stopped at the light and my arms were literally shaking. It was a slow ride home for sure.

"Julie" and I swam and it was fantastic. She's much faster so I made it my goal to try and keep up with her without letting her get a full 25 yards ahead. Boy, it was close! I really like the challenge it brings swimming with stronger people. Nicely done B...way to put the pressure on sister.

Who knows what's in store for me tomorrow but I'm sure it will test my limits and make me sweat... My guess though...since Dave just did a 12 hour ride is that we are running. I can't image he wants to sit on a bike seat for very long ;0

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Here is a picture of my bike group, NWLB (no women left behind) from this morning. Super fun and fast ride! That's our leader, Christina in the middle.

Nice job gals!

Watch and Learn

Here is Buddy fast asleep in my car. We went down to watch his owners race in the 12 hour mtn bike race yesterday and after a quick jog, lots of hellos, petting and panting he was ready for a nap. Poor guy was fast asleep before I got him home. It was a fun adventure for Bud...

It was a fun adventure for me too. I was filled with emotions yesterday as I watched my friends compete in this 12 hour race. Watching the transitions, watching what and how they eat, change clothes and bikes all of it helped me plan for IM in November.

That's not all I learned. I want to do it! I'm totally in for next year and even if I only complete 5 laps in 12 hours I'll be better for it. I'm not sitting on the sidelines after IM is over. I'm in the game 100%.

But today, I'm feeling pretty small when I think about what I just witnessed. My training is great but I have such a long way to go. Will I be good enough? God I am so sick of asking myself that question. I'm so very tired of always feeling like second best ya I'm two steps behind everyone else who is waiting for me to catch up. I want to play! I want to participate! I want to be strong and fast enough! ugh... what if after the IM I still feel not good enough? What's this for then? It's an battle in my brain that won't turn off...

I woke up this morning before the birds thinking about the internal strength that it takes to do a 12 hour mtn bike race. It literally brings tears to my eyes thinking about how badly I want that strength. I can taste it and I feel the blood rush through my body when I think about it. I just wish I knew how to get it. I want to be those people and my only hope now is that IM will get me there....

Today I'm doing my own biking with my women's group. We have great new jerseys so I'll try and get a photo to post. I'm going for another 40 miles and maybe a 3 mile run when I get home just to push my mind a little bit more. I enjoy brick workouts much more then just one or the other.

Congrats to my friends who were all podium finishers yesterday..Dave, Windy, Vickie & Butch and Brigid... very inspiring - very touching...thank you...

Friday, January 23, 2009

My new buddy, Buddy...

Wow, this week is finally over. Well, not training continues despite being Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I'm wondering when my rest day will come again.

Did I mention the 15 notes Rick left me? This is how much support I get at home. I woke up to a note that said, "Your arms are getting particularly strong and sexy looking"...and "You are smart, driven and crafty...." and "You inspire others..." Can you believe this? WOW! Notes ALL OVER the house! In my shoes and my wallet. How fortunate am I to have this kind of support. I love you deeply...

It's been a pretty great workout week. I did some bike/run bricks along with my long ride and I'm still going strong. Today I beat virtual Kim on the Computrainer, though she's getting stronger and harder to beat! Following was a tow from Buddy, Dave's dog and two hikes up North Mtn.

This is hilarious! Buddy, Dave and Windy's dog actually did tow me on the run section today. He is one strong dog! Since I'm dog sitting tomorrow Dave thought it best we give Buddy a trial run and I'm glad we did. I actually had the tow line around my waist - it was hilarious. Buddy and I are going to try and make our way down to the 12 hour bike race tomorrow to watch his owners ride....should be fun if we make it. It seems Buddy has a mind of his own so we might end up wherever he decides to take me. (I wonder if the new train allows dogs on board?? )
What do the neighbors think when they see a person being towed by a dog? I can't stop smiling....

This week I think I finally made it over a plateau. Three people told me I looked really fit and I'm super happy about that. Dave says I'm stronger and that's really what I like to hear most. My biking endurance has definitely improved and the brink workouts have been awesome. Now it's time to swim...swim...swim. I'm on a three day a week swim schedule with an IM swim goal of 1.5 hours. The more bike time I have the better! I still can't believe the IM is this year. Friends and family are flying and driving in just to watch and I'm so appreciative of the support everyone provides. This would not be possible without Dave and Rick... (why am I getting all sappy...pull it together Kim and go take a shower - you stink! )

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some things I've learned

I learned that when you travel with Dave, always pack a lunch. My guess is he could survive off of tree leaves but not me...I need some fat covered in salt so I'm planning better from now on...

I rode my bike to meet Dave at Echo Canyon (the base of Camelback Mtn) on Tuesday for a ride. I didn't know where we were going or for how long but my clue was in an email he sent me... It said, "we'll go longer on Tuesday." Indeed, we did go longer but I'm jumping ahead of my story.

Off we go. I was a little worried because I had just run 13 miles and my legs we tired. I didn't know how well I would be able to hold up or for how long. My first thought was that we were going to ride Mummy Mtn, which is hill after hill after freakin hill. As it turns out, we passed it and ended up some 20 miles North around Union Hills and 64th St or something. I was feeling pretty good too. I was able to keep up his pace and my legs kicked in shortly after we started so I wasn't too worried. Besides, I live right down the street so surely he's going to drop me at Shea or Cactus and we're done.

Here comes Cactus. I'm wondering to myself, does he remember that I live down the street? I'm waiting for him to say something like, "okay, see you tomorrow" but nothing. Well, maybe at Shea. Here it comes. The light turns red and as we approach he starts to move into a lane...but wait, my turn home is the opposite direction I'm thinking. I asked, "are we going back to the start?" Now I'm scared...he said, "eventually" EEKKSS Okay Kim, it's going to be okay... we aren't that far from the start. But even the shortest distance can be the hardest.

We are in some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the valley and I started to feel very thankful for the opportunity to ride with Dave. Until he turned onto the dreaded street that I don't know the name of...but it's the start of the hills I thought for sure we wouldn't ride. I'll call it Quad Killer Lane. We turned the corner and I said, "oh no" I was fearful. We had put in some 30 miles now and I was hungry and tired. I didn't bring any food with me and was almost out of water at this point. The next time I travel with Dave I'm packin a lunch!

My legs were definitely tired at this point and I knew what getting up this hill felt like when I was fresh. For the first time I stood up on my bike to pedal the entire way up. My legs were burning so bad and all I could think about was the 6 or so hills ahead of me. Why, why, why is he doing this to me...I just want some potato chips!

Needless to say we did it. I was ready to eat my arm by the time we made it back to Echo Canyon and with another 6 miles home we did a great 40 miles. Here is the deal. Had I prepared and had food and extra water, I could have done more. My legs were tired but not toasted yet. My rear felt fine and my overall spirit was good. I look forward to another long ride with Dave soon.

A ride to the gym and home was all I did today. Tomorrow, ride/run/relax - My only job now is training for Ironman...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Great things are happening

This weekend turned out to be something, right. The Cardinals going to the Super Bowl! How great it that. Can't wait to watch how it all ends.

Chang's is done... So my goal was 2:15 but I said I would be happy with 2:30. I'm trying to be happy, really, I am because I did 2:26. Here is how it all went down. Rick dropped Christine and I off early enough that we enjoyed the "warm zone" that Chris got us into. and heat and real bathrooms. Can't ask for more on race day really. We head down to the start and moved up from row 12 to 7 just to get in front of people...12 just looked too far back. We get through the start and I feel okay. I have been having some intestinal issues for a while. It seems everything I eat gives me an upset stomach but I really thought I would be able to run off the feelings I was having. I was able to have two bathroom breaks before the race even started so technically I should be okay.

My 5k time was great - 30 minutes and I'm happy with that. Something started happening to my stomach after that. I had the Cytomax drink and wanted to run right through me. I had two "issues" during the race which pushed my time back and that's the bummer. I would have done really great had my stomach lived up to what it was suppose to do. Honestly, I'm down right pissed about it so now I have to do this damn race again next year to reach my goal time.

The hardest miles were the last 4. My hips started to hurt and I didn't bring enough recovery to help ease the pain. Despite it all I can honestly say I could not run any faster or I would have fallen over.

Today I feel okay. I'm not sure what hurts worse, my hips or my pride. I really wanted that 2:15 and I think I would have had it if my stomach wasn't acting up. 11 freakin minutes! ERGGGG Being that close is just painful....somebody hand me a tissue and please, don't tell me what a great job I did. Thank you, I appreciate it but I didn't do what I had set out to do and I'd like to just leave it at that...

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm super excited

Quick post today...

Did a 25 mile ride followed by a 3 mile run yesterday. What a nice time to be outside!

Gym workout today and then a fun time with Christine down at the PF Chang's expo for packet pickup. I think I'm ready for the race, mentally and physically. I'll post again after the race so watch on the mean time - GO CARDS...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some days are good....some...not so much....

Dave and I rode Desert Classic today. I have really been wanting to ride this trail so I was pretty excited to break out the mtn bike this morning. I felt really great and happy to get going. Something happened today that I'm confused about. My performance was just terrible. Seriously..I couldn't keep my tire straight and I couldn't climb those little baby hills. What the hell! Now, I love Dave to death..seriously he's an awesome person and bless him for trying to find reasons why my performance sucked today but the truth is...I was just off my game.

I think maybe a couple of things....

1. He was following me. Who has played chase with Dave (okay, besides Windy)? It ain't fun!
2. I didn't know where I was going or what was ahead of me.
3. Maybe I was trying too hard. I never, ever want to perform poorly in front of him and I just nearly killed myself tying to keep a pace that was not really that doable over the long haul.
4. My breakfast routine is changing since I can't have milk anymore so I'm not sure how that played a part.
5. Maybe I'm just not a strong mtn biker and I sucked because I stink...

The end was fun. He made me hike up the side of a mountain and as I stood on top I raised my arms, gave out a huge haallaa and down I came.

It was in the shower when I realized maybe another reason why I performed poorly. (Dad, don't read this part - skip to the next paragraph) My "girls" are sore....

That means one thing - my period is coming and it's gonna be a long week. One big reason why I hope it doesn't happen. I'm doing the 1/2 marathon this weekend and don't want to deal with it..HOWEVER, that could be why I was so clumsy today.

Tomorrow - bike 25 miles and run for 3... Who wants to join me??

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Did I mention the Cyclocross course Dave created last week for training? Let me tell you why I loved this. It was SUPER HARD! It had hills and obstacles and sand and it was all on grass so I had to work hard to try and beat my time each lap. I don't remember my lap times but I do remember thinking that I needed to set a doable pace from the start or I was in trouble. I always dart out the start line then crash and burn before the finish and I'm learning to pace myself well these days.

So a hill is a hill, right? You know what he did! Just as you build speed down the hill about 3/4 of the way down was the turn to get back up. We all know that hills are my worst enemy but ugh..I attacked with everything I had and man, my quads were so tired when we finished.

Oh, wait! What am I saying...we aren't finished yet!! I ran the course twice too. LOVED IT. It's the challenges that I don't think I can finish that end up being my most favorite. The ones that bring me to my knees when I'm done... Kudos to Dave for a nice workout and for always keeping it fresh and new.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Flu

This weekend turned out to be, well, not so fantastic. I had a rather rude awakening about 1 a.m. Saturday morning from my stomach. From 1 a.m. to about 7:30 a.m. I was literally pooping my brains out. (Don't read if you don't want to know!) Here is the real deal. I've been sick here and there over the years but never have I had the flu like I did this weekend. It was so bad that I just sat on the pot, put covers over my body and tried to sleep right there. It was slowly sucking the life from my body.

Around 7:30 I started to text my friend Sarah who happens to be an ER nurse looking for a solutions...any solution I would try. She's awesome and certainly set my mind at ease but I'd have to rough this one out. ooppsss...wait a second! I have nothing left in my body but I want to vomit. Here it goes! Both ends almost at the same time. Cold to the bone, fever over 100 and I can't keep one piece of crushed ice in my stomach. What a mess...what a scene...when will it end?

Yesterday I started on soup and lots of Pedialyte. I took a shower and Rick swears I lost 10 lbs during this whole ordeal. I feel it. I just wasn't that hungry so I won't force food...just the warm soup was nice.

Have you noticed that levels of illness dictate which room you rest in? Really sick means you're in bed. Getting better means the living room couch. Yesterday I spent my recovery in the living room surrounded by 3 types of drinks. Pedialyte, tea and water. I think I only peed three times during the day. That's how dehydrated I was. Today I'm back on solids. I woke with a HUGE appetite but am taking it slow with some cereal. Let it sit and maybe I'll add to it in a bit. No workout today as I just don't feel my body is ready for the load.

My biggest disappointment is the long ride I paid to participate in and missed. For my first long ride I felt comfortable knowing it was supported and I'd see lots of people out there. Now I'm out the cash and will end up riding alone...I'm not happy about it at all. The only positive spin on this entire deal is I lost weight and cleared out all the toxins from my body. That has to count...otherwise the weekend was a total bust. .....

Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm back

I stopped blogging for one simple reason. I ran out of things to say. I think that once you spill your entire life to the world you pretty much don't have much to talk about after that. It's interesting from my point of view. I'm in a transitional stage. I say with all honesty that my load feels much lighter since I let go of the guilt and anger that I toted around all these years. Letting it goes frees up some space in my head and in my heart. My focus in 2009 is to be more forgiving of myself and others. To be open to other peoples ideas and to let go of clutter that holds me down be it people or things.

I have a lot of thoughts bouncing around my they are quick before I forget -
  • The best way to bike up a hill is with ACDC's Thunderstruck blaring in your iPod!!!!
  • The best way to come down a hill is with SexyBack by Justin Timberlake...
  • The best way to stay motivated on the bike when tired is to listen to Eminem's Lose Yourself... "Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted-one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?" Humm, kinda puts a fire under your feet.
  • I'm SUPER HAPPY to be seeing Dave 4-days a week again all the way through Nov!
  • What the hell was Dave thinking with the 40lb and 300lbs this morning?? I did both exercises so my bad...apparently he did know...why do I question my ability...
Speaking of Dave. We did some riding the other day. Holycow it was hard but I am getting so much stronger, and faster I was pretty self absorbed afterward. We did 7 miles out switching legs. Yes...that means biking with only one leg at a time for about 7 miles. Coming back was at a fast pace that I was able to keep. Don't know what it was though because my bike computer broke that morning. erg After I made a quick trip up North Mtn followed by a huge Coca-cola....super fun workout.

This weekend I'm doing about 7 miles on the canal followed by a 64 mile bike on Sunday. They have finally arrived...long bike rides. It's a supported 64 miles so that does make me feel better. Be sure to read about my drama on Sunday night or Monday. I've been trying to think of a good timing goal but I don't know the route or road conditions so I'm not sure really. To average 15mph would make me happy but there are too many unknowns right now.

Seriously though. My leg presses this morning were 300lbs! Oh, I decided that since I love my biceps so much - that's where I'm going to put my Ironman tattoo in Nov.

I'm having some rotator cuff issues...shin splints and some low back pain all of which I attribute to aging. Damnit!!! I just want a second chance...a do-over ya know. I'm begging my body to just let me get this right before it breaks down on me. Just give me 12 more months! Like asking your car to just make it to the gas station before you run out of gas....right. Good luck with that.

Send me some words...the ball is in your court...