Saturday, January 31, 2009

I can't believe I did it!

That's right... I can't believe I pulled off 182 bike miles, 21 run miles and 2000 yards at the pool in 12 days straight! That's some crazy training but looking back on it, it really wasn't that bad. I would have liked my rest days but losing them was nobodies fault but my own... hurry for me!

Probably the hardest day was my last 25 bike miles and I ran just over 6 miles...(from Squaw Peak to home). It was the slowest biking I have done in a looonnnggg time. I was pretty bored and my rear was baked to the seat at this point. I think I ripped some skin when I got off - ouch.

I just felt really fortunate when I was running. Fortunate that I can go outside and just run without having to cover my body or my face. Without having to worry about being kidnapped or raped or arrested. What a great place of opportunity and freedom we all share. I am blessed and the feeling was so overwhelming that it kept my feet going and going.

There is one thing we all need to address though. As neighborhood stewards I really think it's our job to remind our communities to TAKE DOWN YOUR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! I can't even believe this but I've been riding in some really nice neighborhoods and even THEY have left their lights up. It strikes everywhere. I'm sorry but in Feb I'll be sending out tickets to anyone who still has a blow up Santa laying on their lawn or robotic reindeer on their roof. I cant' take it anymore - the holiday if over people!

Well, I hate to say it but I do have 12 bike and 2 run miles to get done today. I was mtn biking but as it turns out a whole group of men are going so I opted to bike on my own and leave Rick to his group of guys. Something about a new trail they just found up near Blk Canyon City has them all in a frenzy....

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