Monday, January 12, 2009

The Flu

This weekend turned out to be, well, not so fantastic. I had a rather rude awakening about 1 a.m. Saturday morning from my stomach. From 1 a.m. to about 7:30 a.m. I was literally pooping my brains out. (Don't read if you don't want to know!) Here is the real deal. I've been sick here and there over the years but never have I had the flu like I did this weekend. It was so bad that I just sat on the pot, put covers over my body and tried to sleep right there. It was slowly sucking the life from my body.

Around 7:30 I started to text my friend Sarah who happens to be an ER nurse looking for a solutions...any solution I would try. She's awesome and certainly set my mind at ease but I'd have to rough this one out. ooppsss...wait a second! I have nothing left in my body but I want to vomit. Here it goes! Both ends almost at the same time. Cold to the bone, fever over 100 and I can't keep one piece of crushed ice in my stomach. What a mess...what a scene...when will it end?

Yesterday I started on soup and lots of Pedialyte. I took a shower and Rick swears I lost 10 lbs during this whole ordeal. I feel it. I just wasn't that hungry so I won't force food...just the warm soup was nice.

Have you noticed that levels of illness dictate which room you rest in? Really sick means you're in bed. Getting better means the living room couch. Yesterday I spent my recovery in the living room surrounded by 3 types of drinks. Pedialyte, tea and water. I think I only peed three times during the day. That's how dehydrated I was. Today I'm back on solids. I woke with a HUGE appetite but am taking it slow with some cereal. Let it sit and maybe I'll add to it in a bit. No workout today as I just don't feel my body is ready for the load.

My biggest disappointment is the long ride I paid to participate in and missed. For my first long ride I felt comfortable knowing it was supported and I'd see lots of people out there. Now I'm out the cash and will end up riding alone...I'm not happy about it at all. The only positive spin on this entire deal is I lost weight and cleared out all the toxins from my body. That has to count...otherwise the weekend was a total bust. .....

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