Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some things I've learned

I learned that when you travel with Dave, always pack a lunch. My guess is he could survive off of tree leaves but not me...I need some fat covered in salt so I'm planning better from now on...

I rode my bike to meet Dave at Echo Canyon (the base of Camelback Mtn) on Tuesday for a ride. I didn't know where we were going or for how long but my clue was in an email he sent me... It said, "we'll go longer on Tuesday." Indeed, we did go longer but I'm jumping ahead of my story.

Off we go. I was a little worried because I had just run 13 miles and my legs we tired. I didn't know how well I would be able to hold up or for how long. My first thought was that we were going to ride Mummy Mtn, which is hill after hill after freakin hill. As it turns out, we passed it and ended up some 20 miles North around Union Hills and 64th St or something. I was feeling pretty good too. I was able to keep up his pace and my legs kicked in shortly after we started so I wasn't too worried. Besides, I live right down the street so surely he's going to drop me at Shea or Cactus and we're done.

Here comes Cactus. I'm wondering to myself, does he remember that I live down the street? I'm waiting for him to say something like, "okay, see you tomorrow" but nothing. Well, maybe at Shea. Here it comes. The light turns red and as we approach he starts to move into a lane...but wait, my turn home is the opposite direction I'm thinking. I asked, "are we going back to the start?" Now I'm scared...he said, "eventually" EEKKSS Okay Kim, it's going to be okay... we aren't that far from the start. But even the shortest distance can be the hardest.

We are in some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the valley and I started to feel very thankful for the opportunity to ride with Dave. Until he turned onto the dreaded street that I don't know the name of...but it's the start of the hills I thought for sure we wouldn't ride. I'll call it Quad Killer Lane. We turned the corner and I said, "oh no" I was fearful. We had put in some 30 miles now and I was hungry and tired. I didn't bring any food with me and was almost out of water at this point. The next time I travel with Dave I'm packin a lunch!

My legs were definitely tired at this point and I knew what getting up this hill felt like when I was fresh. For the first time I stood up on my bike to pedal the entire way up. My legs were burning so bad and all I could think about was the 6 or so hills ahead of me. Why, why, why is he doing this to me...I just want some potato chips!

Needless to say we did it. I was ready to eat my arm by the time we made it back to Echo Canyon and with another 6 miles home we did a great 40 miles. Here is the deal. Had I prepared and had food and extra water, I could have done more. My legs were tired but not toasted yet. My rear felt fine and my overall spirit was good. I look forward to another long ride with Dave soon.

A ride to the gym and home was all I did today. Tomorrow, ride/run/relax - My only job now is training for Ironman...

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