Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mission Accomplished

March Goals:
325 bike miles - DONE
70 run miles - DONE

Monday, March 30, 2009

Holy Freakin Cow

Well geez....where do I start. I have been chipping away at my bike/run miles all month but it seems like a scramble towards the end to makes sure I'm not one mile short on either. With my cutoff tomorrow, I've spent most of my days biking and haven't had the time or energy to post updates...sorry. I am very happy to say, however, that I just finished 325 bike miles! HURRAY! Thanks to Lisa aka Lucinda, for pushing me through those last 16!!

Saturday was Rick's Camp Verde race so I was not able to get any miles that day. I did enjoy seeing all of my friends. It inspires me to see people push themselves but I noticed a huge change in my attitude. I use to be so happy being everyone cheerleader....seriously - I enjoyed it but it's not as satisfying anymore. Don't get me wrong here. The difference is, now I want to race. I feel like a little piece of life just passed me by standing there with my little "hurray" bell. ugh I missed out on all the stories and experiences teams go through when they struggle and overcome together. My story is I got to put up and take down equipment - wooohooo. I want to play....play, play, play!

Sunday made up for my lack of exercise Saturday. I'm thrilled to say I ran my best 5k in 27 min 12 sec and came in 2nd in my age group. Damn I love being 40! There are less people in my division so MAYBE I have a better chance at winning something??? It was super fun just to hang out with girlfriends and cheer for each other. See, this cheering was different because I also got to play. I feel like a slug when I don't exercise. Get the difference?? Anyway...Georgie did her run in 23 freakin minutes!!!! Can you believe that? She's a MONSTER! ROAR (*wink) And thanks to Lisa for being drugged up on allergy meds :) hurray for Kim...

After our 5k I road my bike home and spent some serious time getting use to my aerobars. I had 18 miles to figure them out so I went in and out of them the entire ride home. Now I can be in the low position, take one hand off and fix my helmet or change gears and not have to take both hands up. I don't love them yet...but I don't dislike them as much. We are becoming friends....slowly.

Later in the afternoon Sunday I met Georgie, Lisa and Christine for a mtn bike ride. With the women's race coming up we all want to get some mtn bike time in so trail 100 is perfect for a quick diverse ride. It was fast and furious...without injury. Super fun!!

Dave kicked my @ss today in the gym. He pulled out some new stuff, bumped up some old stuff and my arms have been suffering for it all day. I had a swim today and WOW! I'm jello now. I LOVED IT! Sometimes I feel strong and today was one of those days. My shoulder still holds me back just a little, but I'm still trying to get her to catch up.

I'm tired...I have sweat on top of chlorine on top of sweat and now I need to go run for more sweat. ugh....that is gross.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Despite it all

Despite everything...... I LOVE my training! I would not change a single thing. No matter how hard or how easy - it's worth every second.

I've got something to say!

Let me tell you something...having strong friends makes a huge difference on the days I struggle - well, even on the days I don't struggle for that matter! It's no secret that this week has really been difficult for me so I was quick to commit myself to a workout today with Laureen...my new "accountability coach". This is what I love about Laureen. She NEVER stops short. If I tell her I want to ride 15 miles we won't be under even .99 miles. We will either be 15 or over but NEVER under. The same with both our run and swim...and when I'm this tired I appreciate her really holding my feet to the fire.

I barely pushed myself today and my quads were just cramping during most of the bike ride. Honestly, could I still be recovering from last week? I have my eye set on doing two IM loops soon so I'm curious to see how many miles Dave gives me next month. Then all I have to do is talk him into riding both of those loops with me *wink, wink* before it gets too hot.

What the hell? In the past two months or so I have been getting these bumps all over my face. No, not pimples! I think it's from sweating so much under my bike helmet because they are all over my forehead. The other day I noticed it's now on my chin and spreading like a rash. Finally I have a Dr. appointment to get it looked at but eeks - don't look at me until I get it fixed because it's nasty.

Only 14 run miles and 62 bike miles to go before I reach this months goal!!! HURRAY Can't wait for the clock to roll over April 1st.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Taking a turn

My last post was not so great, but I think things are turning around. I've talked before about being more aware of my thoughts and controlling my actions...plus a good gym workout really makes me feel better. I made up for Monday today at the gym. I sure do love a hard workout.

Let's talk aerobars. I'm in a love/hate relationship right now. When my bars were ordered I thought I was getting adjustable, but it didn't end up that way. Returning them is not an option because I got a deal through a friend....on the downlow. That means I'm stuck. The bars take all of my comfortable space and as my biker friends know, we don't always want to be in that low position. I'm looking for an easy fix in different attachements.

Next week starts the Splash n Dash series and I'm looking forward to the challenges. I'm ready to start racing and get the ball rolling towards the IM. Let's see how my times have changed since last year.

My next post is going to be a DO NOT MISS post!! I'm doing the "Soft Tissue Challenge". Yep...it's a rating of bike shorts by me and some of my biker friends. Having good bike shorts can make or break a ride. Stay tuned for more....

Tomorrow, swim/bike/run/rest...looking forward to all of it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

*Bitch Post Warning*

**Bitchy Post Warning**
I'm desperately trying to fight burnout right now. It's such a battle and this is another reason I see Dave everyday....to make sure I stay focused even when I don't want to. I have so much fun with some of the things he and I do but then there are days I feel like he's just dragging me along and I don't want to get motivated. I don't want to run or swim. I'm really tired lately and it's taking a toll on my head. I can't sleep through a night and even with a sleeping pill last night I was up three times. I'm very aggravated!!! I'm hungry all the time too. Not just like I need a snack hungry but my "metabolic furnace" is burning so fast that I have to eat all the time or I'm starving. I can't stand it!!

I'll say it again...I'm frustrated that I'm so tired. AH-HA!!! That's it!!! I'm not frustrated with my training, I'm frustrated with how tired my training makes me!!!!! (Wait..did I already say that? geez, now I'm confused. ) Either way, there's a HUGE difference and I'm so glad to have figured that out. Now I'm going to eat my lunch and take a nap.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend to remember

It has been a weekend to remember, for sure. It started with hiking 4-peaks on Saturday, (in this order) North Mtn, Shaw Butte, Lookout Mtn & Squaw Peak. I had done this challenge before so I knew what I was getting myself into. What I like most about doing the peaks is the mileage goes towards my run goal for the month!!! I have 22 miles left with 9 days to get them done.

Sunday I met my girlfriends for some Saguaro Lake scouting. We all plan on doing the Women's Adventure Race coming up in April so Windy Marks took us all on some great trails that I had never been on before. Since Lucinda, Christine and I are a team, Windy gave us the maps and let us navigate our way to each point...it was a blast!!! Okay, so pretty challenging too. There was a HUGE hill climb that went on forever and nearly zapped all of my strength. I hope that Luc brings a tow line to the race because I might need some of her help getting through some of these areas. I think total we clocked 10 miles, which is great and leaves me with 93 more to reach my bike goal this month. I took a couple of spills on the bike and today I feel pretty beat up and sore. Nothing broken, but lots of bruises.

Following the bike was the best part of all - adventure rafting. I can't even describe to you how fun it was to know Dave fell into the cold water! I wish I had seen it... It's the simple things in life that bring me the most pleasure :)

As last week, and the weekend came to an end I could feel my body getting pretty worn out and needing a rest....I biked 140 miles last week and ran 13 so I'm pooped. This morning it kinda said enough so I canceled my workout with Dave and my swim partner to take what ended up to be a 5 hour nap. One of my spills yesterday landed me on a chunk of ice in my camelback and I feel like I was kicked in the back...hurts pretty well.

I am definately popping a sleeping pill tonight and hope to be rested enough for a ride tomorrow. Can't take too many days off...I'm getting so close to reaching my month goals!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A little secret

Okay so check this out!! My bars are on and my bike is totally dialed in. (Yes, this photo was indeed taken in my kitchen, but the light is better) The fitting was really cool...every inch was measured and adjusted. Perry, the bike guru said this bike was made for me....which really makes me happy. I was getting stressed about riding a road bike for IM instead of a tri bike. He told me one of his clients qualified for Kona on a road bike and as long as it's dialed in right, I shouldn't have any issues at all.

I left for the gym this morning and I was pretty nervous. I just kinda looked at them and wasn't really sure about the whole thing. Was I ready to try it? Not ready? Am I sure? Seriously - I was perplexed. Okay...it took several miles before I got the guts to do it. Nice and slow, down I go....eeks.... I was all over the place. If you have biked with me you know I can't hold a very steady line most days. I like to go outside the white or yellow lines ALOT. Well, today was a little worse...it took me several minutes to calm down and try to straighten things. Speed is not a concern at the moment - it's comfort and as best I could tell, I was comfortable.

After the gym workout today I had a completely DIFFERENT view of my bars. Dave really killed my arms and shoulders so I was very happy to rest on my bars almost the entire ride home.

Okay - a little different post now. I had some folks email me about going on long rides, or rides in general with me and I'm going to tell you a little secret about me and riding. I kinda don't do that great in groups - and here's why. It's not ALL the time, but sometimes I get a helpless mentality when I'm with other people. Again - not all the time...but enough times that I'm often uncomfortable. I worry about my pace and my ability the entire time I'm with other people and it kinda takes the fun out of riding for me. I work harder and smarter when I'm alone and yes, I do get lonely sometimes but I never see that as a bad thing...I enjoy my solitude and being in my own thoughts and ideas. Now, that doesn't mean that I never want to ride with people...I do, but I try to be cautious about who I'm with and when or where we go so I don't hold you back....and so I don't have to be stressed out for the entire ride. If I say I can't ride with you - don't take it personal. Cool?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I made it!!!

What a day. I knew that sometime this month I was going to be riding out to Bartlett Lake again. Dave had already told me weeks ago to be prepared for it, so I really was. I got the message on Tuesday afternoon that Wednesday was the day...so I was ready.

Let me refresh your memory. The last time I biked to Bartlett (towards the end of summer last year) I said I would never do it again...but I was probably fresh off the ride and tired. It was miserable. My will was bigger then my ability at the time and the ride really was too much for me. I had pretty much begged Dave to let me try it.... I walked almost every hill, both up and down. My legs were not strong enough at the time, though I did finish it. Remember, I had a flat and had to go into Cave Creek, which added another big climb so I was not happy most of the ride...and that's a long way to go when you're not happy. Okay - is it all coming back to you know?

When Dave posed the Bartlett challenge I was a little excited, but then not so much. Here's why....I knew this time I could ride those hills. After all the hill riding Dave makes me do I just kinda knew that my legs were ready this time...I had more confidence in my ability. Not excited because that's a long & lonely ride - plus the traffic makes it a stressful ride.

The longest, more challenging section was up Cave Creek Rd to the Bartlett turn. That is the longest worst climb ever. It just doesn't stop and as I passed every section I walked the last time my confidence grew and grew. I was really proud of myself for putting in the effort that I did. I stood up and pounded it up that hill as best I could and when I finally reached the top I knew everything else to come was icing on the cake.

By the time I reached the bottom Dave was waiting for me. I felt really good and had plenty of food so I had him drop me off at Pima and Cave Creek for a fun downhill ride home. Overall I hit 67 miles, which is now my longest ride so far. When I hit the 60 mile point things kinda started to fall apart. My legs felt fine my my back, neck, arms and hands were really feeling it and I wanted to be done at this point. One stop for cold water and a stretch and I was going to push it home....

The shower was the best I've ever had!!! A quick hike up Lookout Mtn and now my legs are done!!! Sore and tired for sure.

I'm getting my aerobars put on today. I'm in for a 2-hour bike fitting and I can't tell you how happy I am.

Hurray for all the rides up and down every freakin hill on this side of town!!! It paid off yesterday for sure...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More to come...

Okay - did a LONG ride out to Barlett Lake today and can't wait to blog about it...but I have to get my butt into the shower and go hike so stay tuned my peeps...stay tuned!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Humble Pie

Yep...had me a big'ole piece of humble pie at this weekends Duathlon in Prescott. It started with my cocky mouth about a week or so ago after CZK and I beat my friends Lucinda and Geronimo at the Urban race. We had a bet for that race... if I had lost, I would have been washing their car this weekend and vise versa right... okay, so we won, which meant they would wash MY car. Why couldn't I just stop right there and enjoy that victory??? What great pictures that would have been right? Both of them washing my little red car....damnit Kim! So I got a little big for my bike pants and said, let's bet again at the Duathlon and if I lose then I'll wash YOUR car. Well, they put the smack back in smack down! I got so spanked my @ss is red. Here is the sucky part though. I'm a decent biker. I mean I bike almost everyday right but the elevation and all the hills just killed me. When I started on the bike section I really did feel like my lungs were choking me so I slowed way back, tried to relax and new the "race" was over for me at that point. Not over in that I would not finish but over in that I just needed to go slow to get through it. Needless to say they are both stronger and faster and it's my new goal to try and get as strong and fast. One really cool thing to come from all this though!!! Both L & G won metals in their division!!! HURRAY! That's really cool I'm so happy you two get to share that victory!!! :)

The second run loop was not as bad as I thought it would be. It was 2 miles and mostly downhill so I was able to go a little faster then planned. My shuffle breathing was as heavy as my run breathing in lower elevation. Anyway....I think I did pretty good and that's really the only proud part for me in this whole event. I mean, I'm glad I did it but when I know I can preform better, it kinda sucks when everyone sees you at your worst ya know. The best part!!! I had just told Rick how great it would be if Dave ran in with me and low and behold, guess who is waiting for me at the top of the hill?? DAVE! I asked, who are you waiting for and he says, "you". We had a little race at the end so it was really fun.

Congrats to everyone who raced, Geronimo, Lucinda, Butch, Vickie, Windy, Dave and Laureen (who is new on the mtn bike but looks like a pro already!) And to Hollon who was with us in body but your spirit was on the race course with me the whole time!!! Get better so you can play...

And one last note - to Rick. Your support is endless and appreciated. Thank you for constantly hauling my junk around and telling me how great I am. You help me believe in myself and that carries over into every event I participate in....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nose blisters

Do you ever get them? Blisters inside your nose?? They look almost like cold sores and feel like it too. I seem to get them ALOT and they really do hurt. I constantly rub my nose with my bike gloves and that's why the little suckers pop up I think. The sores will stick around for a good two weeks and it becomes pretty difficult to wipe the snot so I'm sorry ahead of time if you see it running down my face. It's just too painful to do anything about it.

Yesterday I had a pretty fun workout with Dave and Windy....and the fact that I won certainly added to the fun, I won't deny that at all! We met at Papago Park for that challenge. They did a ride-n-tie and I mountain biked (in my big girl shoes) around the park twice. They told me up front not to get discouraged when they passed me and I'm thinking - oh great...this will be fun. So off we go right. Dave on the bike, Windy running. Out of the gate he passed me of course but at the first drop I was able to get ahead and didn't see them again until the hilly paved section. I was very happy at this point and was warned that that's where they would take me down. The most humbling experience - watching Windy run past me while I bike my ass off up a hill...geez....am I so slow that a runner can pass me? Okay, yes, I am but I knew I had to work hard to keep a small gap between the two of us... I finally make it to the top of the hill and take my lead back. Hurray. If I can get enough speed going, I can get a big gap between us. I didn't see them again until the paved section....I locked out my suspension, stood up on my bike and gave my poor legs a beating. Knowing this was my last lap I really put all my effort into this section and it was great - I won! It was only by seconds but I won and I'm takin it!!!

If we break down the competition though, they did have the unfair advantage I realize that. I'm not so stupid that I don't get it but right now..today..I beat Dave and Windy and that makes me a bad @ss :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big girl shoes

I had two options this morning....bike to the gym or drive. Now, typically I start to feel guilty when I think about driving to the gym. I dread the look I get from Dave when I don't do what I'm suppose to so unless I have a good reason, I ride. This morning I was still feeling really tired. Not just physically but mental as well. I took some time thinking about my options and decided that today was a driving day and kept my fingers crossed that Dave would not be too upset with me. I would know the second he walked in the gym and didn't see my bike...it takes only seconds to realize my fate.

Days I drive (which are very few) I start on the treadmill for a warm-up. I took my iPod and starting slow but went early enough that I could get 3 miles done before he arrived. To my complete surprise I felt pretty good so I increased my speed and felt comfortable at a 6.8 for nearly the entire run. Don't get me wrong...that's not a pace I can keep for long! I was watching the door for any sign of movement because I knew when he arrived I would be done. Finally he arrives- eeks... I had my head phones on but could see him ask either, where is your bike, or you didn't bike? He definitely made a comment about NOT having my bike. You know I was pretty fast to add that I had just run 3 miles really fast in the hopes that would save me from a seriously "punishing" workout on "the machine". Fortunately for me he was in a pretty chipper mood and I got out alive and still able to stand!!! YEAH for me!!!!

So Dave and I will celebrate our one year anniversary next month. Yep...we broke up for the holiday a little but still saw each other once a week (or was it twice?) so you know the honeymoon is kinda over. He's seen my worst and celebrated my best. It's been a pretty fantastic year and with only 8 months to go, I can't imagine what things will be like when we break up again. Sometimes I wonder what it's like for him to go through this process. What's his point of view? Sometimes he's frustrated with me, mostly I think he's happy with my performance, sometimes, (like me) he's just there to get the work done....he laughs, gives me the stink-eye, gives me high fives and sometimes he goes the wrong direction road biking. Sometimes his socks have a hole in the toe and he hardly ever drinks or eats when we go on long bike rides. He always waits for me or comes back for me...he never leaves me and I don't think we've ever had a session where he didn't end with, "nice job today". I can't think ahead because knowing he won't be my trainer 4 days a week makes me sick to my stomach.

I'm in big girl shoes now!! I'm totally clipless - hurray. Both my road bike AND mountain bike are clipless and I'm excited about it. Nervous, but happy. I'm curious to see how much faster I can be, and how many times I crash before I figure out how to unclip fast enough. Should be fun. I'll be sure to post any bloody sores for you to see. I had some minor crashes with my road bike because I couldn't unclip fast enough but as long as I don't land in a cactus, I should be okay I hope....I'll let you know tomorrow!

(photos from the Urban Adventure Race. Windy, (Dave's wife) Vickie & Dave eating Saltine crackers

Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm so tired

Seriously, I'm pretty tired. Saturday one of the Zampino sista's and I did the Urban Adventure Race and it didn't disappoint! Ms. Z added a little adventure of her own too! The race was a skate/scooter & mtn bike with some "mystery" challenges mixed in the middle. Challenges like, find a security guard and take a picture of one teammate getting arrested or take a picture of your team swinging a golf club. Really cool, creative fun stuff...I was impressed.

We represented our women's riding group as team NWLB (no women left behind) and we sure did look good! Ms. Z was on a pretty heavy mtn bike and as we approached a "mystery" challenge stop I looked back to see her picking her bike up off the pavement. That is never a good sign! Sure enough she got caught on the curb and hit the pavement pretty hard. See picture for details...Poor Z was in shock, and although you see it dried up, when this sucker was fresh it was bleeding like crazy! The Zampino babes are TOUGH!

Overall we finished 6th and I'm very happy with that. I think if my navigation skills were a little buttoned up we might have pulled a 5th place but we'll never know.

That night Rick had a 5k race he was hosting so I took it as an opportunity to get more miles done for my monthly goal of 70. I marked his course for 3 and then ran the race for 3 and I'm happy with my time I guess. After just finishing a race in the morning and running at night, I finished at 29 minutes. More importantly though, I am chipping away at 70 miles and can't believe I only have 41 to go!!

Sunday Rick and I went Orienteering. This was pretty special for us because Dave, my IM trainer actually set the course and put out all the CP's so we were pretty excited to participate. Rick and I started off silly and unfocused so we made some minor navigation errors. We blew it off as "one of those days" and started taking photos and such. It was fun, but towards the end my legs were pretty tired of the stickers, cactus and the hike overall. My body felt like it was ready to shut off.

Today a group of friends and I mtn biked the duathlon course we are doing next weekend and let me say, it was not one of my better biking days. My legs are tired and the whole thing felt like one big hill. ugh! Where is my strength - where is my will. It was really all I had just to get the 12 miles done. Let's hope that by next Saturday I'll have some fresh legs.

So that's my weekend....fast and fun!

Oh - so I have a bad habit of cursing a lot while I'm riding or whatever. I don't curse at people, but I just say the F word more then I should so it's now my goal to find another word.

I'm behind on updates

Yes, I know...I'm getting behind on my updates. Check back tonight because WOW, I've got a lot to say. This weekend I raced and Urban Adventure Race, ran the Full Moon 5k, went Orienteering and today I'm headed up to Precott to pre-ride next weekend's off road duathlon course! TONS to talk about.

See ya outside

Thursday, March 5, 2009

3/4 Tan vs. 1/4 Pasty

Let's try to look beyond how great these 40 year old legs look.... I have part pasty white legs vs. super tan legs - ugh. How do I fix this? I could do a partial leg sun bath.. you know, just cover the tan parts?? But what if the line between the two tans gets super dark and I end up with rings around my legs?

It's not just my legs either. I have different stripes down my back from having 3 different swim suite. My ass and stomach have never seen the sun and geez, I just noticed a ring around my ankles from my shoes too.

I'm suddenly feeling like a farmer...

Off all the posts, this is the hardest for me to make public. I can write about my stinky farts during training, gas buildup, unshaved legs and armpit hairs but this...pictures of me when I was heavy are REALLY hard for me to look at. I was not happy...I was trapped but today I'm going to unleash the chains (that is so freakin cheesy I can't believe I wrote it). Seriously - I want you all to see what is possible with hard work and dedication. I went from a tight pair of 16 pants to a loose size 8 pants... Train for something! Plan ahead! Be honest with yourself and most of all people - find activities you truly enjoy doing. (click the pictures to make the bigger)

It took hard work to drop 33lbs...but it takes daily dedication to keep it off and to train for the Ironman in Nov. I expect to be in the best shape of my life for this race. Wow..the journey getting there is hard, fun and worth every second for sure.

I've been thinking about what I'd like to do after the IM and since I do enjoy long bike rides, maybe some century races will fill the need before I decide if a second IM is in my future...(Rick thinks I'll do it twice). I just need a good bike! *wink, wink*

Get outside! Find an event! Hire a trainer! Do whatever it takes to reach your dreams!!!

New Aerobars

Yep! I FINALLY have my new aerobars for my bike.....my challenge now is getting them on my bike. Sure, it's pretty easy to assemble but after reading about how areobars on road bikes don't mix well, I'm a little bummed. It creates low back pain and loss of leg power.... My wish list....a tri bike! If I squeeze my hands real hard, hold my eyes closed and wish it as hard as I can, maybe when I open my eyes it will be there??? Let's try.....

Okay, maybe if we do it together - ready? GO!


I need a sponsor!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bring it on!

With Dave, I never really know what to expect. Well, that's not entirely true. I can always expect more then what I think I'm ready for. Okay...let's start this whole thing over again....

Dave never stops challenging me physically or mentally! (That's a better start) About the time I get nice and comfortable in my training he adds a twist and steps up the pace...I think it keeps me humble and it certainly keeps my body guessing.

Our ride started from Camelback and I kind-of expected the Mummy Mtn route to be added into whatever we were doing. He loves to take me up steep hills - and I know I need them, (though I tend to toss out alot of F-bombs) so I wasn't surprised when he said we were headed that direction. So here we are bikin and chattin about whatever comes to mind and he says something like, you'll be happy to know we are doing a pretty big hill climb towards the end of our ride today...and it's bigger then the biggest hill we climb on the MM route. I wasn't sure if I was glad to know ahead of time, or pissed that he told me at all. I was glad for no other reason than pace setting.

It took me a good 5 plus miles with Dave to really get back into my groove this morning. After two bike days off I just wasn't feelin it - but it's back. There was something about Dave's challenge that forced me back into focus. This climb is more then I can describe. I don't even know where we were except up a massive hill going towards the saddle of a mountain. Now my legs are really screaming and I knew that if I stopped pedaling for a tiny second I would fall over. This is the type of climb you have to commit to because once you stop pedaling your @ss is on the pavement. My speed was 4mph and we were not even half way up yet. Fear came over me at this point. Fear that I would not be able to make it...fear of failure...fear of falling. It came out of me again....the words "I can't do it". But even as the words are coming out of my mouth my feet continue to move. My heart and my will were stronger then my head today.... Dave is saying, "yes you can"... just keep pedaling...circles with your legs! and then there it is...the top! Holy Mother I can't even believe I did it. We actually made it! HA-HA YEAH!!! Certainly there is a bigger hill we can climb somewhere in the valley - right Dave? ugh

Yesterday was sluggish and today started that way but now I feel like my strength is back and I'm ready for the rest of the week. I have to challenge my body and work hard daily in order to keep my momentum going...two days of relaxation is too much for me - I don't like the way I feel.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where is the fire?

This weekend was really fun. Rick and I started at the Melting Pot for dinner, followed by a margarita at Aunt Chilada's and an Urban Adventure Race in downtown Phoenix. It was perfect...and I certainly appreciate all the text, emails and calls from everyone!! Thank you!!!

I failed to mention the mini triathlon Laureen and I did again last week. It's becoming a weekly event and I sure enjoy it. Since the cortisone shot my shoulder has felt really great and I noticed a big difference in my swim...LOVE IT!

I didn't bike Saturday or Sunday and when I jumped on the seat today I sure could tell. I'm not sure why but I feel very heavy and tired today. In fact I just took a 2-hour nap but still feel burned out. Our gym workout was good but I didn't feel strong. When I got home, Rick and I had a plan to hike Piestewa Peak and then I would run home....I'm not sure where the fire under my feet went, but he hiked and I ran home. I am happy to report that I actually beat him home and ended with 7 running miles total.

Hummmm, I am hoping to get my spark back soon. Maybe a sleeping pill tonight will do the trick :)