Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend to remember

It has been a weekend to remember, for sure. It started with hiking 4-peaks on Saturday, (in this order) North Mtn, Shaw Butte, Lookout Mtn & Squaw Peak. I had done this challenge before so I knew what I was getting myself into. What I like most about doing the peaks is the mileage goes towards my run goal for the month!!! I have 22 miles left with 9 days to get them done.

Sunday I met my girlfriends for some Saguaro Lake scouting. We all plan on doing the Women's Adventure Race coming up in April so Windy Marks took us all on some great trails that I had never been on before. Since Lucinda, Christine and I are a team, Windy gave us the maps and let us navigate our way to each was a blast!!! Okay, so pretty challenging too. There was a HUGE hill climb that went on forever and nearly zapped all of my strength. I hope that Luc brings a tow line to the race because I might need some of her help getting through some of these areas. I think total we clocked 10 miles, which is great and leaves me with 93 more to reach my bike goal this month. I took a couple of spills on the bike and today I feel pretty beat up and sore. Nothing broken, but lots of bruises.

Following the bike was the best part of all - adventure rafting. I can't even describe to you how fun it was to know Dave fell into the cold water! I wish I had seen it... It's the simple things in life that bring me the most pleasure :)

As last week, and the weekend came to an end I could feel my body getting pretty worn out and needing a rest....I biked 140 miles last week and ran 13 so I'm pooped. This morning it kinda said enough so I canceled my workout with Dave and my swim partner to take what ended up to be a 5 hour nap. One of my spills yesterday landed me on a chunk of ice in my camelback and I feel like I was kicked in the back...hurts pretty well.

I am definately popping a sleeping pill tonight and hope to be rested enough for a ride tomorrow. Can't take too many days off...I'm getting so close to reaching my month goals!!

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cK said...

Sunday was fun! You rocked on that bike sistah!