Thursday, March 26, 2009

I've got something to say!

Let me tell you something...having strong friends makes a huge difference on the days I struggle - well, even on the days I don't struggle for that matter! It's no secret that this week has really been difficult for me so I was quick to commit myself to a workout today with new "accountability coach". This is what I love about Laureen. She NEVER stops short. If I tell her I want to ride 15 miles we won't be under even .99 miles. We will either be 15 or over but NEVER under. The same with both our run and swim...and when I'm this tired I appreciate her really holding my feet to the fire.

I barely pushed myself today and my quads were just cramping during most of the bike ride. Honestly, could I still be recovering from last week? I have my eye set on doing two IM loops soon so I'm curious to see how many miles Dave gives me next month. Then all I have to do is talk him into riding both of those loops with me *wink, wink* before it gets too hot.

What the hell? In the past two months or so I have been getting these bumps all over my face. No, not pimples! I think it's from sweating so much under my bike helmet because they are all over my forehead. The other day I noticed it's now on my chin and spreading like a rash. Finally I have a Dr. appointment to get it looked at but eeks - don't look at me until I get it fixed because it's nasty.

Only 14 run miles and 62 bike miles to go before I reach this months goal!!! HURRAY Can't wait for the clock to roll over April 1st.

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