Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where is the fire?

This weekend was really fun. Rick and I started at the Melting Pot for dinner, followed by a margarita at Aunt Chilada's and an Urban Adventure Race in downtown Phoenix. It was perfect...and I certainly appreciate all the text, emails and calls from everyone!! Thank you!!!

I failed to mention the mini triathlon Laureen and I did again last week. It's becoming a weekly event and I sure enjoy it. Since the cortisone shot my shoulder has felt really great and I noticed a big difference in my swim...LOVE IT!

I didn't bike Saturday or Sunday and when I jumped on the seat today I sure could tell. I'm not sure why but I feel very heavy and tired today. In fact I just took a 2-hour nap but still feel burned out. Our gym workout was good but I didn't feel strong. When I got home, Rick and I had a plan to hike Piestewa Peak and then I would run home....I'm not sure where the fire under my feet went, but he hiked and I ran home. I am happy to report that I actually beat him home and ended with 7 running miles total.

Hummmm, I am hoping to get my spark back soon. Maybe a sleeping pill tonight will do the trick :)

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