Tuesday, March 24, 2009

*Bitch Post Warning*

**Bitchy Post Warning**
I'm desperately trying to fight burnout right now. It's such a battle and this is another reason I see Dave everyday....to make sure I stay focused even when I don't want to. I have so much fun with some of the things he and I do but then there are days I feel like he's just dragging me along and I don't want to get motivated. I don't want to run or swim. I'm really tired lately and it's taking a toll on my head. I can't sleep through a night and even with a sleeping pill last night I was up three times. I'm very aggravated!!! I'm hungry all the time too. Not just like I need a snack hungry but my "metabolic furnace" is burning so fast that I have to eat all the time or I'm starving. I can't stand it!!

I'll say it again...I'm frustrated that I'm so tired. AH-HA!!! That's it!!! I'm not frustrated with my training, I'm frustrated with how tired my training makes me!!!!! (Wait..did I already say that? geez, now I'm confused. ) Either way, there's a HUGE difference and I'm so glad to have figured that out. Now I'm going to eat my lunch and take a nap.

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