Thursday, October 30, 2008

I know...I know

I haven't blogged these past few days I know. The week has been pretty good. I'm a little bothered though. Ever since the beginning of summer I started to notice I'm getting pimples on my back and neck and I'm grossed out about it! I'm so sweaty all the time that it's making me breakout everyone. I HATE IT!

Let' see...this week I went to the gym, mtn biked, road biked, ran and now I'm going to swim. Pretty typical stuff. Kinda boring this week.

For Nov/Dec/Jan I'm only seeing Dave twice a week and I'm a little stressed about that. Let see if I can keep on top of his workout schedule. It's going to be a long holiday season, that's for sure.

Take it outside!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

My name is Kim and I'm a TRIATHLETE!

I wasn't really nervous until about 3:00am Sunday morning...race day. I woke up with some stomach issues of course and thinking about all the things I had learned leading up to this event. I felt deep down that it was going to be a great day for me...I just knew it would be my best performance ever. I had set goals for each discipline and did better then planned.

We arrived about 5:30am and seeing 2000 people with tricked out bikes was pretty inspiring. The crazy thing was...I wasn't nervous anymore. I was completely calm and totally focused on what I needed to do.

While waiting to swim, all I could think about was what Cliff had taught me about swimming in a crowd. I held my line, kicked hard when touched and was not going to back down to anyone who tried to swim over me. Nobody was going to disrupt my swim and sure enough, I took 4 minutes off my time from just 4 weeks ago! I did it without taking rest breaks this time. I really focused on sighting and "thumbs to hips" in the water and I'M THRILLED at how I felt when I got out. Strong, relaxed and ready to ride.

The wet suite strippers were just great but eekss...I could have lost my shorts in the whole ordeal :0 I wonder how many people did...

The bike section was great. We figured out my average speed based on my time and I'm at 15mph. Not bad, but I need to improve. Here is what I need to fix. I packed TONS of food in my Bento Box but I forgot to open the baggies. That posed a challenge. I slowed way down so I didn't fall while I tried to open them with one hand and my teeth. Going around all the corners slowed me way down too. I tried to be a little fearless and use the turn techniques Dave and I have practiced but some time was lost there. Oh, when I drink I tend to stop pedalling so time was lost there too. Don't get me wrong though. I felt super strong on the bike and could have done another 30 miles!

I kept myself pretty entertained through the bike section. For any person I passed I got one point and if that same person passed me then I lost a point. I didn't want to pass people if I didn't think I could put distance between us. It was fun. I went back and forth with one gal but in the end I took her out because I was tired of playing games with her. I had an 18 - 20 mph pace during sections and 9 mph up Curry. So between the turns, eating and drinking I lost some time...

When I got to the run section my stomach was full of fuel and I was feeling groovy. My goal after all this was a 15 minute mile giving me just over hour and 30 min to finish the 6.5 miles. The pavement was really hard on my knees so I felt slow. My only walking was through the water stations and I really didn't know what my mile time was at this point. As it turns out I finished the run in 1:20...about 15 minutes faster then planned.

Hearing Rick and all our friends cheer was fantastic. It really helps pull you through a race when you know that people are waiting to see you. Thank you SO MUCH for the encouragement. Congratulations to Dave, Windy, Vickie and Hollon (who is also a 1st time Triathlete) for a great job yesterday. None of this would be possible without Dave's training and Cliffs swim coaching. A special thank you to both of them for accepting nothing less then my best at all times. I hope I made you proud :)

I have to add one special thank you to Rick. Race day was also our 6th anniversary. He never stops supporting me in all my adventures and he truly is my biggest fan - I love you babe...happy anniversary!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Am I Nervous

So far this week I've had four people ask me if I was scared or nervous about Soma. No, I'm not really. But now I wonder if I should be dammit! - Side note - I just looked up the word dammit in the online dictionary and to my pleasant surprise there is a play button that pronunciates the word for you! I'm in stitches over this! Click here. I really need to find something to do with my time! Rick and I have enjoyed typing in many slang words we probably shouldn't have ;) -End Note-

Anyway, I'm seriously not that freaked out about this weekend. Maybe it's because I know I'll do my best and that's really all I have to offer. It's not a competition with other athletes like it is with some folks I know. I'm going to achieve a personal goal and that's it. Now, that's not to say that once I arrive race day morning I won't have the pre-race jitters and perhaps I'll even make several trips to the toilet but for me it's all part of a much bigger picture - Ironman. If I can keep control over my head, I'm going to have a winning game - period.

Do you like my ghost? She was made with a Tampon :0

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Much Improved!

Watch this video and then tell me again why your vote doesn't count. We need them just to cancel out these idiots! Click here to see who Sarah Palin refers to as "real Americans"

I'm doing the Soma Quarterman this weekend and now I'm starting to get anxious. I've been given the instruction from Dave today to go super easy on Thursday, take Friday completely off and do the practice swim on Saturday with Cliff. Up until today I really haven't given tons of thought about this weekend but now that it's prep time I'm starting to feel a little self imposed pressure.

Rick and I were chatting yesterday about how sometimes I do feel that my performance is a direct reflection on Dave and Cliff and anyone else who spends time teaching me how to be a better athlete. Let's break this down... I spend most of my time training with Dave and really, it's him that I worry most about. He's such a great teacher for me and I just want you to know that he's done an excellent job busting my buns. I'm totally ready for this race and there really is no discipline involved that I do not know how to do. My only competition this weekend is with myself and I'm pretty sure I can hold it together and finish with at least a few people behind me :)

Speaking of Dave (I know, I blog about him alot but training with him is pretty much my life right now) we ran Reach 11 today and I'm so happy to say that since April I've taken 7 minutes off my time!! I know, I was impressed too. Towards the end I had just a little cramp in my calf and that sharp cramp in my stomach but I was able to push through as hard as I could past the discomfort and get it done. My thoughts remained focused and positive the entire run as I continue to remind myself that I'm good, I try hard and cramps will not stop me from finishing the Ironman!

If you are interested in coming out this weekend click here. Look for - 2008 Athlete & Spectator Guide!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Specialized ERA

Check this out!!! This is a picture of my new Specialized ERA (female version of the Epic)!!! Pretty sweet huh! This photo is from a web search but it's exactly like mine (including the colors).

I pretty much knew that I was going to get a new mountain bike because my Gary Fisher had been beaten into the ground, but I didn't plan on such a fully loaded bike.

Learning to ride a beast like her during a 7 - 8 hour race was probably not the smartest thing I've ever done... This bike is so light that it flies up hills and tossed me over the handlebars on the downhill. read it right. I went up and over and I'm REALLY lucky I didn't break my arm. Rick said it looked like I did a cartwheel over the entire bike. I shed a few tear, brushed myself off and went at it again. I fell over, and over and it felt like an entire day of near misses. Not my best race.

Rick's navigation was perfect. I could not ask for anything better. Out of nowhere he would just stop....right next to the checkpoint! I was so impressed and pleased.

Rick also suffered a bad fall and went to the hospital shortly after we got home. He's lucky he didn't break a rib but it's pretty bruised and he can't laugh or take deep breaths...poor guy.

Overall we raced for about 7 hours I think and opted to finish under the short course instead of continue for another few hours. Everyone was packing up to leave and our spirits, or at least mine, was pretty beat up by then. I'm tough, but not that tough!

This week I anticipate some easy workouts to gear up for Soma on Sunday. Geez...I hope after this weekend I'll FINALLY be a triathlete!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Monsoon Adventure Race

Well, I said I wasn't going to do it but I did anyway..ugh! I have to pick another day off because I'm going to start running and swimming on Thursday. Leslie and I hit the pavement yesterday and pulled off 4 miles in 40 minutes followed by a swim lesson with Cliff. I'm not sure what I'm going to do because the only other day is Sunday and I don't want to give up my women's riding group...hummmm

Swimming was fun yesterday! We did some really fun exercises which included swimming with my eyes closed. HILARIOUS! I continue to breath on both sides when I swim and it's getting better and a tiny bit easier. It really is hard to believe that in April I could barely swim 25 meters without a 5 minute rest.

Rick and I are off to Tuscon for the Monsoon Adventure Race. I think I'm going to decorate our bike helmets to look like a witch's hat and his a pumpkin! How funny would that be? LOL Watch for pictures cause I think I'm gonna do it...

Rick talked me into doing the long course. He must have waited for the right moment to ask because normally I would say NO WAY! I'm looking at about 8 hours of racing now and my mountain bike is literally falling apart piece by piece. It's time to invest I think. Now I just have to convince Rick of that :)

I'll post again on Sunday or Monday to share photos and race results. Until then...GET OUTSIDE!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things Are Looking Up

First off, Thanks Christine for the Gas-X! Nice one sister :)

As it turns out, I'm ALLOWED to enjoy my bike rides on the way to the gym!!! YEAH! So I feel much better now. I am rather hard on myself and as long as I continue to work hard for Dave, and on things he tells me to I'm A-OKAY.

I ran 4 miles last night with some friends and that was nice. However today, after mtn bike training with Dave my legs are really sore, and they don't feel this way often. Poor run tomorrow is going to be slllooowww girlfriend.

Speaking of DAVE! He fell into a cactus at the PBR Off Road Tri this past weekend! OMG. I tried to find an appropriate picture to post but's just too much to look at. Some people lifted him off the cactus but can you image the pain? He still has some thorns stuck in his hands and I imagine his body too. Here is my suggestion Dave- go get waxed. It sounds crazy I know but if the needles have little hooks, the wax will be able to pull them out. Glue is not sticky enough to hold onto the thorns. Just get a wax and you'll be good to go. OUCH

This weekend Rick and I are racing in the Monsoon Adventure Race. I'm looking forward to some challenging hills and technical riding...if you can believe that. I never thought I'd say this but I do enjoy mtn biking.

I know, I can't believe my own gassy confession! Ballsy wasn't it? But, YOU have gas too so check yourself before you shake your head...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Lame Confession / Don't Fart!!!

The real me...watching TV last night with my new bike helmet on, remote in hand and half asleep. Yes, I was really watching TV with my new helmet on! It's really cute :)

Okay look, I'm not perfect...and neither are you so don't you judge me!!

I need to clear my conscience and come clean. I'm a total slacker! It's totally hard to believe I know. Typically Dave and I meet at the gym on Monday's and I ride my bike to meet him. It's about 16 miles total...not a big deal at all right... When we started I use to come home from work by 6:50, jam to get ready to leave by 7:00 and work super hard riding to get to the gym by 7:30. It was hard, but I did it and most days I was on time. Well, I got lazy and moved our time to 8:00. That gave me more time to eat, change and have an easy ride to the gym. Yes, I said an easy ride to the gym. Easy meaning 10 - 11mph and a 45 min ride. If you know my training regime you just went, UtttOhhh If you know how much I need to work on my leg endurance and strength you just went, UtttOhh

I'm not proud..I'm ashamed. There is no excuse other then the truth, I got lazy and comfortable. Today I decided to take back my own fate and do something about it - hence the confession to you, and to Dave. So, in order for me to continue to push the envelope I have to go back to meeting at 7:30. I have some hard work to make up for now.

Here is another confession, but a little more entertaining (or embarrassing). I have some gas...but not the kind for my car. Rick will be the first to tell you that I have ALOT of gas and I'm not very lady like about it either. When Dave and I meet I'm a little, well, afraid I'll let one slip :0 I mean it's bound to happen, right??? We see each other four days a week! Today it ALMOST happened! Look, when you're on the Leg Press pushing 260 pounds some things can happen to your body that you just lose control over. My ass is as tough as my legs from squeezing so hard. So here is your warning day something is going to slip and when it does, our relationship will have reached a whole new level :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Longest Swim - Ever!

I am SO happy! Rick, Hollon and I set out for the lake this morning for a swim before Soma. My goal today was to swim a mile without holding on to Rick's boat for a rest. By the way, today's swim would not have happened had Rick not agreed to be our safety boater. Thank you SO MUCH Rick for giving us that time...I know it was boring...but seriously appreciated.

I also wanted to try my wetsuit before Soma and I'm glad I did. My arms are chapped from rubbing the seam, however my bike shorts under my suit worked perfectly.

So, the water wasn't too bad and I felt pretty good. We circled the buoys again and again with just a few stops to catch my breath and see how far ahead Hollon was. A mile is a long way in the water! I never doubted my ability to do it, but I wanted to feel good during and after. Some things to work on - my left shoulder. I cannot get my left arm to come out of the water much and it's dragging me down. I've had five people (three were coaches) tell me my left arm doesn't look right but my shoulder doesn't want to lift that high so it was a little agonizing out there. A handicap I will have to learn to swim around...I'm just not sure how yet.

I spent some time breathing on the left but because I could barely get my left arm up it was a challenge to catch my breath. I did the best I could and moved back to right side breathing.

So, did I get the mile done? Was I able to go that far without help? YES!!! In fact I went OVER a mile! Okay, not very much but I'm stilling counting it. :) I'm SOOO happy. I accomplished tons today and will be better prepared for Soma now.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Super Fun Weekend

This weekend was great. Rick held his night race on Saturday so he and I did some riding Saturday afternoon and put out some checkpoints. That race was so much fun! Everyone had a great time and the fire pit hit the was so cold!

Today there were so many events going on in town that it seemed I knew folks in all of them. Race for the Cure had Tim, PBR had Dave, Windy, Vickie and Brigid and the Phoenix Orienteering race had me, Rick, Dave, Tracy and Ron. Adventure Racers were out in full force today!

Rick and I did really well Orienteering. We ended with 510 points out of 700+ so I'm happy about that. We went for the furthest CP's with the most points and were faster then in past events. Rick's navigation was spot on so thanks for a perfect "race" today Rick.

Tomorrow we are swimming out at Saguaro Lake...I'm going for my first mile! My longest swim was 1000 meters so I have to double that. Let's see how it goes!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Thursday's I meet with Cliff, my swim coach, and I'm quickly learning that he's no more lenient then Dave is!

Today we spent time breathing on both sides and WOW, I felt like a beginner again. Everything just kinda fell apart so I have some work to do. HUGE difference in my strokes when I do them arms and shoulders felt like I had just left the gym. It was exhausting.

This week was good, overall, but I'm getting bored I think. My mind is starting to wonder and I feel the need for a change...I'm just not sure what that means yet. I want to add more hours now that it's nice outside but I'm a little fearful of burnout. I've been thinking about joining another swim club, but don't want to get boxed out again. hummm.....much to think about.

I need to get the lead out on some 1/2 marathon training too! That's it!!! I'm going to make some commitments and get this stuff on the calendar NOW.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today's workout TRUMPS all others!

That's right I'm going to say it was the HARDEST WORKOUT YET! So it doesn't sound like a big deal but from my sore butt's perspective, it SUCKED! I rode 37.8 miles on the CompuTrainer today. It was one Ironman loop to be exact plus with my warm up I'm at about 40 miles.

Now, I've done 40 miles before but on the CompuTrainer I don't stand up to release the pressure and I can't stop when I need a rest. This was my first NON-STOP 37 miles ever and it wasn't pretty. I'd swear that Dave has eyes in the back of his head because every time I stopped to try and stand he'd yell at me "keep pedalling!" From the kitchen I hear, "keep pedalling!" From upstairs I hear, "keep pedalling!" The whole house echoed, "keep pedalling!" My mind was fighting me and all I could think about was how red my a** felt. How far can I go, I'm long before I say that I can't do anymore because it hurts to much? Why did I decide to do the Ironman anyway! My thoughts were heavy but my will power was strong enough to handle the load - for that I owe my trainer who is steadfast and firm with me.... He does not give an inch and that's exactly what I need for the task at hand. I would surely take a mile!!!

There was a potential meltdown which he quickly took control over, "You're fine, it's okay Kim, you're doing fine" and some punchy laughter that really raised my spirits...there is a silly side of Dave too.

By the time I was done I had been on my bike for 2hr45min (approx) and burned 800 calories (every girls dream) and finished what we started. A huge thanks to Dave for putting up with my whining, making me laugh and holding my feet to the fire all at the same time.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rocky Point...

Where do I start about Rocky Point? A HUGE thank you to my support group, Rick, Leslie, Sonja and Jennifer! We really had a great time and leaving today was pretty difficult for me. I wanted to stay another few days. Thank you for everything team.

Since yesterday I've been thinking about my blog and what I wanted to say. Should I really bash the company that put this race on?? Is that the right thing to do? What will that accomplish really? I decided that just telling the story and leaving the rest up to you is all I needed to do.

The race started late, and I don't mean a little late either. We didn't start until 11:00! I'm not sure how HOT it was in Phx but in Mexico it was HUMID AND HOT. I have a unique perspective here. I understand how events can start late (though ours never do) so I tried to not let it bother me. Until I realized that the water in my bike bottle would be hot and I would be running in the middle of day when the sun was at it's peak...then I was getting pissed along with 200 or so other racers.

Why the late start? Well, the ocean was so rough that one of the buoy's made it's way back to shore. I totally get it...but what I didn't get was the 2o minutes it took to decide if they actually wanted to go and put it back. What? Are you kidding me? Yes...the person in charge seriously could not decide what was best and was surrounded by angry racers. Taking it back out set us back some too. They also could not decide which side of a buoy line to start from so we all lined up on one side, were told to move about 100 yards over and about 15 minutes later moved back to the first place we started.'s getting hotter and hotter by the minute. Now we had to wait for the Olympic swimmers to go before we started. The waves were really bad and getting worse. Okay the race finally starts and nobody can swim through those pounding huge waves so we are all pulling ourselves forward by holding the buoy line. Then some guys are coming back saying it's too dangerous for us to go back. Personally I heard two people calling for help and though I could only reach one, I lost sight of the other. Guess who is waiting for us towards the beach on his jet ski?? The owner of the company putting on the race. Not to see if everyone was okay but to collect our chips. You know, he didn't want anyone getting credit for coming out of the water early and all. I told him that people were calling for help further back and his reply, "I know but I have to take all of your chips first". Um....excuse me?! Half of your sprinters are calling for help and you want my Fing chip? I knew at this point I would never participate in any of his events again.

I pulled myself out of the water and went for my bike. Down a steep hill slow because now the sand was blown all over the roads and my first turn is just at the bottom of this hill. Two laps, I'm out of water and pretty pissed at this point that I don't have any aid stations on the course. I'm thinking that I only have a 2 mile run and I'm done with this event. Water down my body, put my running shoes on and off I go. Cramped because I had been out of water and couldn't get my shot blocks eaten and just HOT as hell.

The best part of the day was seeing my friends and Rick at the end and proud of me just for finishing this poorly planned out event. The water was so choppy that their professional kayak boaters could not stay afloat. Why did they let us in the water to begin with! When your rescue boats can't stay afloat then perhaps it's time to make the event a duoathlon instead.

Another bone to pick! Oh, I'm just getting started here. My girlfriend and I were looking at the results and the first thing I noticed was the person in 2nd place did the swim in 11:58 minutes. No, I'm sorry but I don't think so! He didn't get HER chip so she's taking 2nd place from somebody who did do the swim and THAT really upsets me. Some of the good swimmers made it..and deserve a reward but some came out of the water early and didn't get their chips taken so they are now getting credit for an event they did not finish.

I look forward to redeeming myself at the Soma Quarterman race where I know the event will be properly managed with enough event staff that I can feel safe.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mexico, here I come!

Well, I'm leaving for the Rocky Point Triathlon tomorrow and I'm pretty excited. After this race I officially become a triathlete!

Cliff kicked my butt today swimming. He told me to start swimming and not to stop until I see the blue buoy in the water.... okay, about 15 laps into my swim I'm thinking when is he going to put the buoy in the water? Okay, 20 laps later and I'm getting worried because no buoy. "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming" ugh...

FINALLY I see the buoy and not soon enough. My arms and shoulders where exhausted but now I really know what a good stroke feels like. One minutes rest and I'm off again. I did 1000m today! Nice job and it was really tough.

So I won't post again until maybe Sunday or Monday and I'll post pictures for sure. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Becoming my own hero

Since this is my own blog I get to write whatever I want...right? This past week or so I've been a little hard on myself and well, there is only one reason for that - my "monthly friend" has arrived. Damn it!!! I have a race this weekend too and I'm a little put off by the whole damn thing. eerrgg I'm bloated, hungry, irritable and tired all at once. What - did you say something to me??? Yeah, I didn't think so!

The good news is that all the negative junk I've been giving myself these past few days is about over. (a big sigh of relief) It seems about once a month (go figure) I get a pep talk from Dave about my internal dialog when I'm training. I do put a ton of pressure on myself and when I'm not close to living up to my own expectation I allow myself to crash and burn feeling down right pissed when I'm done. - Side note - I just realized that poor Dave is surrounded by women who have "monthly friends" does he cope with the ups and downs of all our emotions? Poor guy. Job well done today Dave. -End note-

When I train, whether it's with Dave or not I always hear his voice in my head and at times I'd like to stick a pencil in my ear. (that's the irritability talking:) No, seriously I hear him yelling at me to do this or do that and I need it...I like does help me. He gave me some good tips today on how to have positive dialog with myself and basically work on becoming my own hero. He didn't use those words exactly, but that's pretty much the goal. I work hard, I do well and there is room for improvement even for the best athletes. Some days are good and some days are not and that's just the bottom line for everyone.

What I need to focus on is working hard even when I get tired instead of just giving up. I can take a beating so stop being a baby and suck it up! (I'm having internal dialog now). Pull yourself together :0