Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Becoming my own hero

Since this is my own blog I get to write whatever I want...right? This past week or so I've been a little hard on myself and well, there is only one reason for that - my "monthly friend" has arrived. Damn it!!! I have a race this weekend too and I'm a little put off by the whole damn thing. eerrgg I'm bloated, hungry, irritable and tired all at once. What - did you say something to me??? Yeah, I didn't think so!

The good news is that all the negative junk I've been giving myself these past few days is about over. (a big sigh of relief) It seems about once a month (go figure) I get a pep talk from Dave about my internal dialog when I'm training. I do put a ton of pressure on myself and when I'm not close to living up to my own expectation I allow myself to crash and burn feeling down right pissed when I'm done. - Side note - I just realized that poor Dave is surrounded by women who have "monthly friends" does he cope with the ups and downs of all our emotions? Poor guy. Job well done today Dave. -End note-

When I train, whether it's with Dave or not I always hear his voice in my head and at times I'd like to stick a pencil in my ear. (that's the irritability talking:) No, seriously I hear him yelling at me to do this or do that and I need it...I like does help me. He gave me some good tips today on how to have positive dialog with myself and basically work on becoming my own hero. He didn't use those words exactly, but that's pretty much the goal. I work hard, I do well and there is room for improvement even for the best athletes. Some days are good and some days are not and that's just the bottom line for everyone.

What I need to focus on is working hard even when I get tired instead of just giving up. I can take a beating so stop being a baby and suck it up! (I'm having internal dialog now). Pull yourself together :0

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Clint, Marianne and Sage said...

Sweet blog, Kim!! I had no idea you were training for an ironman, that is admirable. I would love to do one some day, but it seems like a way-off dream. You are awesome, LOVE the posts.