Thursday, October 9, 2008


Thursday's I meet with Cliff, my swim coach, and I'm quickly learning that he's no more lenient then Dave is!

Today we spent time breathing on both sides and WOW, I felt like a beginner again. Everything just kinda fell apart so I have some work to do. HUGE difference in my strokes when I do them arms and shoulders felt like I had just left the gym. It was exhausting.

This week was good, overall, but I'm getting bored I think. My mind is starting to wonder and I feel the need for a change...I'm just not sure what that means yet. I want to add more hours now that it's nice outside but I'm a little fearful of burnout. I've been thinking about joining another swim club, but don't want to get boxed out again. hummm.....much to think about.

I need to get the lead out on some 1/2 marathon training too! That's it!!! I'm going to make some commitments and get this stuff on the calendar NOW.

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