Monday, October 13, 2008

My Longest Swim - Ever!

I am SO happy! Rick, Hollon and I set out for the lake this morning for a swim before Soma. My goal today was to swim a mile without holding on to Rick's boat for a rest. By the way, today's swim would not have happened had Rick not agreed to be our safety boater. Thank you SO MUCH Rick for giving us that time...I know it was boring...but seriously appreciated.

I also wanted to try my wetsuit before Soma and I'm glad I did. My arms are chapped from rubbing the seam, however my bike shorts under my suit worked perfectly.

So, the water wasn't too bad and I felt pretty good. We circled the buoys again and again with just a few stops to catch my breath and see how far ahead Hollon was. A mile is a long way in the water! I never doubted my ability to do it, but I wanted to feel good during and after. Some things to work on - my left shoulder. I cannot get my left arm to come out of the water much and it's dragging me down. I've had five people (three were coaches) tell me my left arm doesn't look right but my shoulder doesn't want to lift that high so it was a little agonizing out there. A handicap I will have to learn to swim around...I'm just not sure how yet.

I spent some time breathing on the left but because I could barely get my left arm up it was a challenge to catch my breath. I did the best I could and moved back to right side breathing.

So, did I get the mile done? Was I able to go that far without help? YES!!! In fact I went OVER a mile! Okay, not very much but I'm stilling counting it. :) I'm SOOO happy. I accomplished tons today and will be better prepared for Soma now.

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