Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today's workout TRUMPS all others!

That's right I'm going to say it again...today was the HARDEST WORKOUT YET! So it doesn't sound like a big deal but from my sore butt's perspective, it SUCKED! I rode 37.8 miles on the CompuTrainer today. It was one Ironman loop to be exact plus with my warm up I'm at about 40 miles.

Now, I've done 40 miles before but on the CompuTrainer I don't stand up to release the pressure and I can't stop when I need a rest. This was my first NON-STOP 37 miles ever and it wasn't pretty. I'd swear that Dave has eyes in the back of his head because every time I stopped to try and stand he'd yell at me "keep pedalling!" From the kitchen I hear, "keep pedalling!" From upstairs I hear, "keep pedalling!" The whole house echoed, "keep pedalling!" My mind was fighting me and all I could think about was how red my a** felt. How far can I go, I'm thinking....how long before I say that I can't do anymore because it hurts to much? Why did I decide to do the Ironman anyway! My thoughts were heavy but my will power was strong enough to handle the load - for that I owe my trainer who is steadfast and firm with me.... He does not give an inch and that's exactly what I need for the task at hand. I would surely take a mile!!!

There was a potential meltdown which he quickly took control over, "You're fine, it's okay Kim, you're doing fine" and some punchy laughter that really raised my spirits...there is a silly side of Dave too.

By the time I was done I had been on my bike for 2hr45min (approx) and burned 800 calories (every girls dream) and finished what we started. A huge thanks to Dave for putting up with my whining, making me laugh and holding my feet to the fire all at the same time.

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Chamois butter really helps with sore red a**