Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Much Improved!

Watch this video and then tell me again why your vote doesn't count. We need them just to cancel out these idiots! Click here to see who Sarah Palin refers to as "real Americans"

I'm doing the Soma Quarterman this weekend and now I'm starting to get anxious. I've been given the instruction from Dave today to go super easy on Thursday, take Friday completely off and do the practice swim on Saturday with Cliff. Up until today I really haven't given tons of thought about this weekend but now that it's prep time I'm starting to feel a little self imposed pressure.

Rick and I were chatting yesterday about how sometimes I do feel that my performance is a direct reflection on Dave and Cliff and anyone else who spends time teaching me how to be a better athlete. Let's break this down... I spend most of my time training with Dave and really, it's him that I worry most about. He's such a great teacher for me and I just want you to know that he's done an excellent job busting my buns. I'm totally ready for this race and there really is no discipline involved that I do not know how to do. My only competition this weekend is with myself and I'm pretty sure I can hold it together and finish with at least a few people behind me :)

Speaking of Dave (I know, I blog about him alot but training with him is pretty much my life right now) we ran Reach 11 today and I'm so happy to say that since April I've taken 7 minutes off my time!! I know, I was impressed too. Towards the end I had just a little cramp in my calf and that sharp cramp in my stomach but I was able to push through as hard as I could past the discomfort and get it done. My thoughts remained focused and positive the entire run as I continue to remind myself that I'm good, I try hard and cramps will not stop me from finishing the Ironman!

If you are interested in coming out this weekend click here. Look for - 2008 Athlete & Spectator Guide!