Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Lame Confession / Don't Fart!!!

The real me...watching TV last night with my new bike helmet on, remote in hand and half asleep. Yes, I was really watching TV with my new helmet on! It's really cute :)

Okay look, I'm not perfect...and neither are you so don't you judge me!!

I need to clear my conscience and come clean. I'm a total slacker! It's totally hard to believe I know. Typically Dave and I meet at the gym on Monday's and I ride my bike to meet him. It's about 16 miles total...not a big deal at all right... When we started I use to come home from work by 6:50, jam to get ready to leave by 7:00 and work super hard riding to get to the gym by 7:30. It was hard, but I did it and most days I was on time. Well, I got lazy and moved our time to 8:00. That gave me more time to eat, change and have an easy ride to the gym. Yes, I said an easy ride to the gym. Easy meaning 10 - 11mph and a 45 min ride. If you know my training regime you just went, UtttOhhh If you know how much I need to work on my leg endurance and strength you just went, UtttOhh

I'm not proud..I'm ashamed. There is no excuse other then the truth, I got lazy and comfortable. Today I decided to take back my own fate and do something about it - hence the confession to you, and to Dave. So, in order for me to continue to push the envelope I have to go back to meeting at 7:30. I have some hard work to make up for now.

Here is another confession, but a little more entertaining (or embarrassing). I have some gas...but not the kind for my car. Rick will be the first to tell you that I have ALOT of gas and I'm not very lady like about it either. When Dave and I meet I'm a little, well, afraid I'll let one slip :0 I mean it's bound to happen, right??? We see each other four days a week! Today it ALMOST happened! Look, when you're on the Leg Press pushing 260 pounds some things can happen to your body that you just lose control over. My ass is as tough as my legs from squeezing so hard. So here is your warning Dave...one day something is going to slip and when it does, our relationship will have reached a whole new level :)

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