Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mexico, here I come!

Well, I'm leaving for the Rocky Point Triathlon tomorrow and I'm pretty excited. After this race I officially become a triathlete!

Cliff kicked my butt today swimming. He told me to start swimming and not to stop until I see the blue buoy in the water.... okay, about 15 laps into my swim I'm thinking when is he going to put the buoy in the water? Okay, 20 laps later and I'm getting worried because no buoy. "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming" ugh...

FINALLY I see the buoy and not soon enough. My arms and shoulders where exhausted but now I really know what a good stroke feels like. One minutes rest and I'm off again. I did 1000m today! Nice job and it was really tough.

So I won't post again until maybe Sunday or Monday and I'll post pictures for sure. Wish me luck!

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