Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big girl shoes

I had two options this morning....bike to the gym or drive. Now, typically I start to feel guilty when I think about driving to the gym. I dread the look I get from Dave when I don't do what I'm suppose to so unless I have a good reason, I ride. This morning I was still feeling really tired. Not just physically but mental as well. I took some time thinking about my options and decided that today was a driving day and kept my fingers crossed that Dave would not be too upset with me. I would know the second he walked in the gym and didn't see my bike...it takes only seconds to realize my fate.

Days I drive (which are very few) I start on the treadmill for a warm-up. I took my iPod and starting slow but went early enough that I could get 3 miles done before he arrived. To my complete surprise I felt pretty good so I increased my speed and felt comfortable at a 6.8 for nearly the entire run. Don't get me wrong...that's not a pace I can keep for long! I was watching the door for any sign of movement because I knew when he arrived I would be done. Finally he arrives- eeks... I had my head phones on but could see him ask either, where is your bike, or you didn't bike? He definitely made a comment about NOT having my bike. You know I was pretty fast to add that I had just run 3 miles really fast in the hopes that would save me from a seriously "punishing" workout on "the machine". Fortunately for me he was in a pretty chipper mood and I got out alive and still able to stand!!! YEAH for me!!!!

So Dave and I will celebrate our one year anniversary next month. Yep...we broke up for the holiday a little but still saw each other once a week (or was it twice?) so you know the honeymoon is kinda over. He's seen my worst and celebrated my best. It's been a pretty fantastic year and with only 8 months to go, I can't imagine what things will be like when we break up again. Sometimes I wonder what it's like for him to go through this process. What's his point of view? Sometimes he's frustrated with me, mostly I think he's happy with my performance, sometimes, (like me) he's just there to get the work done....he laughs, gives me the stink-eye, gives me high fives and sometimes he goes the wrong direction road biking. Sometimes his socks have a hole in the toe and he hardly ever drinks or eats when we go on long bike rides. He always waits for me or comes back for me...he never leaves me and I don't think we've ever had a session where he didn't end with, "nice job today". I can't think ahead because knowing he won't be my trainer 4 days a week makes me sick to my stomach.

I'm in big girl shoes now!! I'm totally clipless - hurray. Both my road bike AND mountain bike are clipless and I'm excited about it. Nervous, but happy. I'm curious to see how much faster I can be, and how many times I crash before I figure out how to unclip fast enough. Should be fun. I'll be sure to post any bloody sores for you to see. I had some minor crashes with my road bike because I couldn't unclip fast enough but as long as I don't land in a cactus, I should be okay I hope....I'll let you know tomorrow!

(photos from the Urban Adventure Race. Windy, (Dave's wife) Vickie & Dave eating Saltine crackers

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