Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some days are good....some...not so much....

Dave and I rode Desert Classic today. I have really been wanting to ride this trail so I was pretty excited to break out the mtn bike this morning. I felt really great and happy to get going. Something happened today that I'm confused about. My performance was just terrible. Seriously..I couldn't keep my tire straight and I couldn't climb those little baby hills. What the hell! Now, I love Dave to death..seriously he's an awesome person and bless him for trying to find reasons why my performance sucked today but the truth is...I was just off my game.

I think maybe a couple of things....

1. He was following me. Who has played chase with Dave (okay, besides Windy)? It ain't fun!
2. I didn't know where I was going or what was ahead of me.
3. Maybe I was trying too hard. I never, ever want to perform poorly in front of him and I just nearly killed myself tying to keep a pace that was not really that doable over the long haul.
4. My breakfast routine is changing since I can't have milk anymore so I'm not sure how that played a part.
5. Maybe I'm just not a strong mtn biker and I sucked because I stink...

The end was fun. He made me hike up the side of a mountain and as I stood on top I raised my arms, gave out a huge haallaa and down I came.

It was in the shower when I realized maybe another reason why I performed poorly. (Dad, don't read this part - skip to the next paragraph) My "girls" are sore....

That means one thing - my period is coming and it's gonna be a long week. One big reason why I hope it doesn't happen. I'm doing the 1/2 marathon this weekend and don't want to deal with it..HOWEVER, that could be why I was so clumsy today.

Tomorrow - bike 25 miles and run for 3... Who wants to join me??

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Clint, Marianne and Sage said...

Just getting caught up on posts....the flu SUCKS! That was me this past week too, but b/c of the baby sucking the life out of me not the flu. It's miserable, I'm glad you're over it.
I'll be at PF Changs this weekend too. Doing the marathon even though I'll be stopping every port a pot to barf. Maybe we'll finish at the same time! I love reading about your training. It sounds so hard and so fun.