Monday, January 19, 2009

Great things are happening

This weekend turned out to be something, right. The Cardinals going to the Super Bowl! How great it that. Can't wait to watch how it all ends.

Chang's is done... So my goal was 2:15 but I said I would be happy with 2:30. I'm trying to be happy, really, I am because I did 2:26. Here is how it all went down. Rick dropped Christine and I off early enough that we enjoyed the "warm zone" that Chris got us into. and heat and real bathrooms. Can't ask for more on race day really. We head down to the start and moved up from row 12 to 7 just to get in front of people...12 just looked too far back. We get through the start and I feel okay. I have been having some intestinal issues for a while. It seems everything I eat gives me an upset stomach but I really thought I would be able to run off the feelings I was having. I was able to have two bathroom breaks before the race even started so technically I should be okay.

My 5k time was great - 30 minutes and I'm happy with that. Something started happening to my stomach after that. I had the Cytomax drink and wanted to run right through me. I had two "issues" during the race which pushed my time back and that's the bummer. I would have done really great had my stomach lived up to what it was suppose to do. Honestly, I'm down right pissed about it so now I have to do this damn race again next year to reach my goal time.

The hardest miles were the last 4. My hips started to hurt and I didn't bring enough recovery to help ease the pain. Despite it all I can honestly say I could not run any faster or I would have fallen over.

Today I feel okay. I'm not sure what hurts worse, my hips or my pride. I really wanted that 2:15 and I think I would have had it if my stomach wasn't acting up. 11 freakin minutes! ERGGGG Being that close is just painful....somebody hand me a tissue and please, don't tell me what a great job I did. Thank you, I appreciate it but I didn't do what I had set out to do and I'd like to just leave it at that...


Clint, Marianne and Sage said...

What a terrible time. I can't believe you didn't reach your goal. What a pansy!

Is that better than good job?? :)

Christine said...

Hey girlie . . . you did awesome at Chang's and kicked my but the first part of the race! We couldn't have asked for a better day cuz it really would have sucked if the weather had been really cold.
I wanted to break 2 hours but didn't reach my goal either.
Next year when "we" do it, we are going for the full thing so you can break your half goal and then some!
Here is to 2010 baby!!! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so you are disappointed! Could you have even finished that race a year ago? NO!
So despite your direct order not to say good job,......well done Kim!

Dave S.