Thursday, January 29, 2009


I've had my hand under my chin for about 10 minutes thinking about today's post...just looking at this screen...hummmmm...should I go funny or serious? What kind of mood am I in?? What do people get from reading my thoughts? It's like a reality show but online and you can't see me? How many of you people do I really know (I'm knocking on my computer screen - Hellloooo in there!) My mood is tired so you get what you get...

So I've been on facebook for several weeks and it's interesting really. It's a mini blog! But that's not what today's post is about! It's about my workouts and speaking of...I lost my rest day today because I didn't get enough miles in earlier this month and I only have until Saturday to get them all in. I'm SOOOO TIRED! I learned a great lesson through all this. When Dave tells me at the beginning of the month what my goals are he's not kidding around. This is what I love about having my own trainer/babysitter. I don't have to think about this stuff. I've become robotic and I won't have it any other way. He gives me a command and I stand at attention. No matter how miserable I just keep doing it...and I say thank you when we are done! It's a sick process.

Random thought - I never used an iPod when I first starting my training. I was totally against it but now I can't live without it! My shins hurt... (here comes the pitty party)

We had a group workout yesterday Brigid, Dave and I We did some drills and running followed by a swim workout with Butch and Vickie. It was SO MUCH FUN! My swimming was not as bad as I thought after so many weeks off. One of the best things about Dave is his ability to make exercise super fun. My shoulder still gives me worry but I have lots of time to build up the endurance.

I have to go bike and run.....I'm going to let out a few really horrible curse words (P(*&)(&#$#_$*@#$*@#*$@#!#$%%%$#@@*$*@#) and then go put my bike clothes on. If you are looking for me just go outside and you'll find me :)

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Clint, Marianne and Sage said...

I know I say this every time I write on here, but I love your posts. It's so motivating. Have you read the book "Ultra Marathon Man", by Dean Karnazes? Read it. It's powerful and SO good. He sounds a little crazy, like you. ;)