Sunday, February 1, 2009

Let's do it all again!

It's February, can you believe it?? That means two, no three things.

1. The clock rolls over on my bike/run/swim miles.
2. Training will get harder
3. I turn 40!!!

And all in that order too. Let's start with #1. I finished 300 bike miles yesterday and have to give a huge shout out to my friends Geronimo and Lucinda (names changed to protect the innocent ;) HALLLAAAA After a few mishaps like tire changes, pump issues, shoe changes - oooppss, no, the shoes are okay, and a quick chain fix we were off and riding. What I witnessed was down right hilarious ladies! If it's entertainment you want, just go to G & L's pad...

Anyway, our ride was perfect. Had it not been for them I can't say that I would have talked myself into getting on the bike. They really made me work for my position in the pack and that's exactly the kind of riding that I need.

#2 As I get stronger, and this month I've overcome some plateaus, my training will get harder and harder as the miles get longer and longer. However, this is a short month so I have to admit that I've been really curious about the miles Dave will give me on Monday. I opt for a rest day today so I won't be riding with my NWLB (my Sunday woman's group) and I feel guilty about it. I shouldn't...but I do. ugh.

#3. I'll be 40 this month. I feel so young and alive that I can't believe I'm leaving my 30's already. I want a do-over! I'm just getting started here. Save the date because we are going out Feb 27 for drinks and dancing!

It's Super Bowl day and I'm baking red cupcakes for the big game. Go Cards!

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