Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend fun

Brrrrrrrr - there are some days where I just don't want to ride my bike to the gym because it's so cold... Let's weigh my options. Ride and get the miles that are required for the week/month (REWARD) or not ride and end up on the dreaded "machine" (NOT A REWARD) and have Dave ask me where my bike is (double whammy!). This machine leaves me swimming in sweat, unable to feel my legs or rear and just all around beats the hell out of me. Let's seeeee......which do I choose??? Sometimes I start to choose the machine but then the quilt hits me and I start packing my backpack for the bike.

I was thinking on my way home, why can't the IM include weight lifting? I could do well in that category. It started to sprinkle on my way home and I thought, YEAH, I get to call for a ride home. As quickly as I thought it though, I could hear Hollon's voice say, "no you don't, riding in the rain is training for something" and I just kept going. How do I get the voices out of my head???

This weekend was awesome. I played a little cat-n-mouse with Butch, Vickie and Hollon for 55 miles. I left B & V's about 7:00 and the idea was to see if they could catch me...they left at 8:00. SUPER FUN! I was a lot faster on the uphills then I thought (though still slower then most people I know) and my nutrition was spot on so I really learned alot, besides just having saddle time. As I approached Pima something competitive happened and I just kept going. I wasn't sure how far behind they were and something inside said to not let them catch me until we get I jammed on Pima, got lost after Pima and they took me out....they made it home about 20 minutes before me and WOW - what a day. I can't wait to play it again. We do need to shorten the time...maybe 30 - 45 minutes next time.

I'm excited about the week. Brig and I meet for regular weekly swims, Dave and I are progressing on the bike and I'm always working on my internal dialog. Maybe he'll have another group workout soon?? Always something to look forward to.


Ironwoman Kelly said...

Hey Kim Greatttt Job!! That is so awesome, and I know nutrition is such a big part of it. I hope to catch up to ya and bike a 50-60 miler with you soon. Keep it up. I dont know that I cud bike in the rain ;-()

lifting iron said...

Hey Kim Greatttt Job!! That is so awesome,