Monday, February 16, 2009

Picking my battles

It never fails....Joel Osteen seems to know what I need to hear each week and this past Sunday was no exception. It's all about picking my battles. I don't think it relates just to people either. I was biking home this morning and was thinking about the upcoming I want to work hard and "attack" it as Dave says or do I want to just ride it casual and climb slow? I remembered the the message I heard on Sunday about picking my battles. I chose to fight today and pour my heart into getting better on hills - no matter what the size. Whether it's my fitness level that causes me to be slow or my head I was prepared to fight both battles. I felt really good when I was finished and I appreciate my body not giving in to the discomfort.

So this week I think I have PMS. Yeah, bummer I know. I feel introverted, cautions and I crave sugar. ugh. The drain on my emotions is really wearing me out...poor Rick! He's locked in the house and he can't get out!

Oh, so there is this woman who rides Dreamy Draw all the time. I see her at least four times a week right. She's super focused and serious looking, has a tricked out bike and goes up and down, up and down the hilly parts. The second or third time I saw her I thought, "well, she's got to realize we pass each other all the time" so I started smiling at her and giving her the road bike wave right. Nothing...she has the grumpy face ALL THE TIME! I named her Fly Like Wind Grumpy Face. My name is Happy Girl With Green Coat, since I ride with a green fleece by the way. Anyway, she makes me sad when I see her. Like her frown is trying to reach out and slap the smile off my face. She's picking the wrong battle here! I think the next time I'm going to say Hello Neighbor as she whizzes by me...won't THAT piss her off :0

Here is the deal. Sometimes I wait to blog because I have some things going on inside my head that I need to understand first. (I wish I could turn it off but it makes for good blogging!) I have distractions that I have to clear out again. The battle I choose is no battle at all so it's back to business as it was a month ago. I decided that my long bike days will be Saturday instead of Sunday. I need to get my weekly message that feeds me for the week and it comes Sunday morning. It also gives me time to spend with Rick doing fun stuff...he is too busy during the week. Riding with NWLB has been good for me and I'll miss it. I didn't get to ride too much but it was enough to build my confidence and get me started on the road.

Nothing too funny today... it's almost 10:00pm and I'm tired. MRI on my shoulder tomorrow so I'll miss my swim with Brig and I'm bummed.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Hey, can you turn the lights off please?

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