Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some serious smack down!

Today was pretty crazy....I'm still a little bit confused about what happened. Don't get me wrong, I know that my endurance has improved but I still feel like my head is not always in the right place so I work against myself. My thoughts are a little scattered, bare with me...

I did the Duathlon route at Papogo Park again know, the one where I run four laps, mountain bike two and run six again? I just blogged about it not long ago (though I don't remember what I wrote). The transition between bike/run is always a bit challenging for my legs and the run start is up a little hill - we all know how I really struggle with hills. So we've had goals in mind each time I do this course and today it was to finish both bike laps each in 15 minutes or less. EEKS!!! I knew that was going to be HARD. Not long ago I rode that loop ONE time in 17+ minutes. How that heck will I pull off 15 or less for each lap now?

Anyway, my first four run laps were pretty consistent with the last time I did this route so not really a big deal. The challenge really starts on the bike so off I go. This course is mostly uphill but I was ready.. About half way I can really feel my quads and then like clockwork the voice in my head that says you won't make it anyway so just slow down. UGH! I hate her!!! I knew it was going to always does and I was ready. I fought her the entire way! I stood up on my bike and beat my ass to the top of the hill as if I was trying to bike away from her.... I get down the hill to hear a big "HOLY SHIT" from Dave! I've never seen his face so lit up :) Apparently I made route one in 13:55 (I believe it was 55 seconds). WOW!! I very rarely hear Dave say a curse word so I knew what had happened was pretty spectacular. I was surprised, but had to fight for lap two to be equally good. The bitch in my head was gone now and it was just me this time...I made lap two FASTER then lap one...but I can't remember the time!!! 13.? I remember it was better.

I ended up taking 9 minutes off my time - I'm at 48 minutes now and I can't even believe I did it!! I exceeded Dave's goal by such a huge margin and the best part was seeing how happy he was. That made it all worth it for me... I wonder if that's how he will look after I finish the IM..hmmmm

March goal update - It's 325 bike miles with 70 run miles

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Vickie said...

That is SO awesome!!! Congrats!! Isn't it crazy that as you get doesn't feel like you're getting faster? It's all relative to how much your performance has improved and you just keep pushing harder and harder. The real proof is in the pudding (your time)....and it's so much fun to make those break through results!! Keep up the good work. You will not get faster unless you continue to push your intensity levels and be outside of your comfort zone!!!