Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Focus, Focus

I'm in a mood today! Poke me in the head again and I'll have your finger for lunch...beeeaattcchh

I have to keep my head down and stay focused...when I do, WOW my workouts are fantastic! The best way to start is by watching Dave and Windy push hard. Man...they are beasts and I got a little glimpse of it this morning.

We did a run/bike/run today and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with my performance. I started with four running laps, then biked and ended with six running six lap set wasn't too far off from the first set (time wise) and that makes me happy. I'm really focused on my thought process when I'm training and trying to be more self aware. When I overcome my mental challenges, everything else falls into place but that certainly does not mean it's easy. Sometimes the mental exercise is HARDER then the physical but I need to be mentally strong and able to pull myself back into the game for IM or it's all for nothing.

I'm thinking about my plan for the weekend already because I'm almost certain a long bike ride is in my future. Though it's always nice to workout with friends, spending time alone in my thoughts is nice too and I'm in the mood for some of that meditation and peacefulness.

Tomorrow, swim, swim, swim and Friday bike, gym, swim and run....Gosh, I feel tired just thinking about it all.

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