Saturday, February 14, 2009

Summits Challenge

I can't believe what an awesome day I'm having! So I challenged Rick to 4-summits today... Piestewa Peak (aka Squaw Peak), Shaw Butte,
Lookout Mtn and North Mtn. We started with the biggest and best, Piestewa was PACKED. I have never seen so many people hiking. Is that our next summit in the distance of this photo?

Summit 2 was North Mtn. It was pretty easy up but after comin down summit 1 my knee was pretty sore now. I started to think this challenge was going to be too easy and was thinking about doing summit 1 again after we were finished...the day was still young!
Summit 3, Shaw Butte. I didn't mind this hike too much but it's not one of Rick's favorites. The trail is pretty torn up and nasty so we busted this out as fast as we could. Okay, now I'm getting a blister on my toe and having second thoughts about revisiting summit 1....

Our last summit was Lookout Mtn. I've never been to the top of this summit so I was looking forward to it. My calf muscles are pretty tight now and my original idea about doing summit 1 was swiftly removed from my thought. What a terrific feeling when we reached the top.

I really put the smack down on my expectations. I knew it would be a mistake to start fast so I took it slow and steady (I have a constant ringing of Dave's voice in my ear telling me watch my pace). Once the climbing started I put my head down, put my whole heart into it and impressed myself. I feel pretty good hours later but I expect I'll be pretty sore tomorrow. Rick and I are dedicated to an easy 20 mile bike ride to work out the lactic acid we both expect to have in the morning.

Happy Valentines Day!

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Clint, Marianne and Sage said...

What a fun day! Perfect weather for some gook hiking.