Monday, February 23, 2009

100 Miles

I'm not sure my weekend could have been any better.

It started with my 60 mile ride, of which I've blogged. That night Rick and I got a call from Butch asking about a mtn bike ride early Sunday...HELL YEAH! So off we go and it was really loads of fun. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about my legs. I'm not a fast mtn biker and you know I hate takin up the rear all the time so I was pretty stressed out thinking about it. I was just going to push as hard as I could and as it turns out, I was on fire...I had one of my better biking days. Let's set the record straight though. Butch and Vickie were not going their typical fast pace and I appreciate that. Probably for the first time I did not feel like the one holding everyone back and honestly, it felt fantastic! The path was just perfect for me...FLAT! was pretty smooth except for two pretty big hills that I did try.

We all made it back after 18 miles and out to lunch. During our drive to lunch Rick says, "you know, if you go bust out 22 miles on your road bike you will have done 100 miles this weekend." WHAT!!! NOOOOO...take it back!! Take it back!!! Yeah, he says this. Total manipulation too. He adds, "just think how proud Dave will be when you tell him you did 100 miles in two days. But if you're tired then never mind." Oh man... he just committed me to another 22 miles today I'm thinking.

I knew the biggest mistake would be not jumping on my bike as soon as I walked in the door so I ran for it quickly. Load my gear, put my shoes on and just getter done.... Slow and steady wins the race right?

I'm finally done...home, pooped, HUNGRY again and a little amazed at what I just pulled off in two days. My weekend challenges are getting more and more fun. I think my next challenge will be one IM bike loop. From Tempe Town Lake to Fountain Hills and back. I'm really curious to ride it outside of the computrainer. Either way...I'll be outside.

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