Friday, February 13, 2009

Nice way to end a week

A very good friend of our family told me late last week to give my troubles over to God and everything else will fall into place. Boy, he sure was right! My week turned out better and less stressful on the personal side then I thought it would and I'm so glad. I don't need the distractions - that's for sure. Joel Osteen's prescription for the week was to laugh out loud at least three times a day... I did and I could feel the laughter run throughout my body - it was amazing and fun. But you certainly don't read my blog to find out about my renewed relationship with God do want the juicy details of how my training has gone...

Let's see...where did I leave off? Oh yeah, Dave and I running. Well, yesterday I met Cliff for my last swim lesson. I'll miss him...he's really taught me a lot. We used the paddles again and I have to put my foot down and say firmly that I don't like using them. They are really hard to use and I just get tired really fast. I can't seem to swim well after I've used them a few times. At any rate we swam lap after lap after lap...(well, I think you get the idea) until our session was done.

Laureen and I went for a 26 mile ride and with a horrid headwind it should really count as double. It's tough to bike and shiver at the same time. This is the first time Laureen and I have spent time alone together and what a hoot she is. We seem to see things eye to eye so it was super easy to relate and feel comfortable right from the start.

Following our bike we did a 3 mile run loop. She's a die-hard! With just 3 minutes left on the clock it didn't matter that we were approaching our vehicles, we had to pass them and keep going until the clock ran down. NOOOO!!!! She's just like Dave! She never stops short!! I don't mind. It's good for me to be around stronger players. The time went by so fast that I was a little sad when we parted.

I'm not sure yet what I'm doing today. I have a Dr. appointment at 2:30 for my knee and shoulder so with a full weekend planned I might take the entire day off....we'll see how it goes.

I'll see you again this weekend!

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