Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Frustration and worry

So today is not my best day...You all know I've been having some shoulder problems and now, well, my knee is giving me problems too. I've been working though these pains for a while hoping they would go away as I got stronger but as it turns out I'm just playing games with my head.

For the first time since I started last April I had to cancel my workouts for today because of my knee and shoulder. I'm trying to find an Orthopedic Dr. today. I did some research and it really could be a number of things, however, I'm hoping it's just the position of my cleats, bike seat and hill work I've been doing. Keep your fingers crossed because I cannot take another day off.

I'm almost certain my should pain is my rotator cuff...not good. Sometimes the pain wakes me up at night and all the swimming has created a constant ache that I just can't take anymore. It really does stink to get older. We'll see how it goes.


Clint, Marianne and Sage said...

Ugh...injuries are the WORST. Keep us posted and good luck!

Ironwoman Kelly said...

Kim first off love the background!
If you need help finding an orthopedic, being in the medical field I have a few I could give you. Also dont push it, I did PT on my knee nov, dec, and am so glad I didnt run during that time or bike for that matter. It helps to rest it, you have plenty of time!

Ironwoman Kelly said...

Kim love the new background, really nice.
Hey if you need a name of orthopedics let me know, being in the medical field I know of several. Also I went to PT for two months Nov, DEC and it helped me a great deal, just resing it helped.
Dont worry you have lots of time!