Monday, May 11, 2009

This just added

I just posted but forgot something else super important....

Today was my gym workout. This will be the last time I see Dave until May 22nd so I'm happy and sad for the break. These past couple weeks I've been slacking. I mean, I haven't skipped a lot of workouts but I certainly have not put my best effort into them either. I'm just getting over the burnout and Dave reminded me today that when I return we are back to 100%.

Speaking of Dave...have I mentioned lately how fortunate I am to have him on my side? Dave has never given me negative feedback...he's never told me I won't finish something or that I can't do this or that. He's NEVER given me anything negative to dwell on. Oh believe me, we've had our laughs about my "train wreck" workouts, but he's never told me flat out that I can't do something. He seems very aware of what he says, like, "you could, but that's not a natural progression." I feel so fortunate to have such a positive energy on my side.

Did you know, Rick fills me with laughter before events...he almost always has something funny to say to lighten my mood. For my weekend race he kept saying over and over, "you're going to kick those b*tches asses so hard today" it was hilarious... I felt like a boxer getting ready to hit the ring. I never had much laughter in my life, or in my heart until I met Rick... The smile lines that are growing around my mouth are from him! He's making me wrinkly... :)

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