Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who doesn't love a vacation!

Here we go!

I am LOVING my vacation. We packed up and left town on Wed headed towards Bishop CA for an event Rick was timing. This was his first official timing job so we were both pretty excited. Me, I was excited to get out of town, Rick was excited to see if his system could handle 19 hours of timing straight...both of us are satisfied.I did manage to get some work done while away. Vacations don't stop IM training so though this week has been an easy pace, here is the scoop on my work...

Day 1 - 5.25 mile run
Day 2 - 20 mile bike
Day 3 - 10 - 12 mile run
Day 4 - Drive home
Day 5 - Recover from 10 hour drive
Day 7 - Mtn bike

So, you can see that it's been pretty easy going. It was really HOT in Bishop and extremely dry. We were fortune enough to be in a nice grassy area where I just couldn't resist a nap. The grass was so cool and the shade had a nice breeze so I think I was napping for about a hour or more... best nap ever on a vacation!

If you haven't been to Bishop then I suggest you pass on through and head towards Mammoth Lakes. It was beautiful and snow packed. What a sight for eyes that see nothing but desert. While checking out the sites we came across a beautiful water fall down the middle of a snow packed mountain..we had fun hiking through some snowy patches to get the best photo we could.
I only have a couple more fun days until I get back to business with Dave. We meet on Friday and I don't expect things to get any easier, especially with the heat. I'm going to join a gym so I can get my run workouts done inside. I have a tendency to go down hill fast in the heat, unfortunately, but I'm feeling pretty good about my running lately and can't let it slip.

Here are more random photos from our trip. Rick has been giving me surprises for the past two days as his way of saying "thanks for all you do" and WOW, they are great surprises!!! Day one, pedicure and manicure...days 2 (today) an hour massage and tomorrow is a facial!!! Can you believe it. What a great guy...I love you babe.

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Clint, Marianne and Sage said...

glad you guys had fun! go Rick for the little treats. tell him to pass some tips on to clint! :) can't wait to hear about your training AFTER vaca!