Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Checkin In

I received an email from Dave today...In case I failed to mention it, he's in Canada with his wife right now. I was doing great...in my own little world until the email came. It didn't say anything other then, "how's it going so far." Up until that point, it was going good - so I thought. I think I had myself talked into believing that this week would be easier since he's gone. You know, I could go at my own pace, on my own path and I could stop and rest when I wanted to...Total freedom over my own workout... That email said something else to me..it said - you better get your ass outside and run sister. It said - you better not get behind on your workouts. I didn't plan on running today because I swam, but about 20 or so minutes after reading the email I was putting my shoes on. It's almost as if he knew that my effort might not be 100%..but maybe 80% this week. I ran, and I felt SO MUCH BETTER after I was done. What stinks worse then a sweaty chlorine smell? Eeks...I stink! It was nasty. Isn't it funny how just five words from my trainer and I'm poopin my pants!

I saw Hollon's Chiropractor today. He did some voodoo on my neck and the range of motion is a little better. He did recommend easy swimming. After today's swim I was a little stiff but I guess the Dr. knows best. He put me on this massage machine...oh man! I'll go back twice a week just to lay on that thing.

Biking tomorrow and a run. After my accident I stopped biking with an iPod. I didn't have it that day, but I now realize the seriousness of biking..it's definitely not a game to take so lightly.

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