Saturday, June 6, 2009

Somebody please poke my eyes!

Okay now come on! Sometimes we just know that when we do certain things, or dress a certain way that we will attract negative attention or stares. Dave and I were biking the other day and this is what we both saw. A man (I'm sure he was nice, right?)...a rather hefty man with no shirt riding his bike with what almost looked like red speedo shorts! Why? Why are you doing this? Please put some clothes on!!! Why do people think it's okay to show that much skin? That was one of those situations where you really can't believe what you just saw....and I wanted to put pencils into my eyes...

It's been a pretty good week overall I guess. I don't have accident visions anymore and I've pretty much forgotten about it. The cold sore on the tip of my lip is crusted over so it doesn't hurt....sounds like I'm back into the swing of things. Still stiff so I see the chiropractor on Tuesday. I'm hoping for a quick fix here so I can start swimming soon. Dave is gone next week so I can focus on just my mileage and maybe get ahead. Today is a 7 mile run with a 12 mile in my near's hard for me to believe I can actually run that far. Tomorrow my bike will get me just a little ahead on mileage, but more is always better. I'm biking with 2 girlfriends that I have not seen in weeks so I'm super excited about the ride and you can plan on seeing pictures with my post.

On a more personal note...I guess the previous posts were not personal? (anyway) School is HARD...I have a very good friend coming to tutor me twice a week. Without her I would not pass this stupid math. I think this whole math thing needs to be redone. In my entire adult life I don't remember ever wondering if P=a+b+c, for you? It's just stupid. TONS of homework but very thankful this class is only 8 weeks.

Gotta run now..I'm going to email Hollon and see if he'll come over and dance to Stayin Alive for us... ;)

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