Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"click, click, boom!"

Ya know, sometimes I just need to listen and do what I'm told.

I met Dave for our Tuesday ride. He asked me the other day about how much time I spend in my aerobars so I had a sneaking suspicion that he'd been thinking about some upcoming training opportunities. When he asked me to meet him at Granada Park, which is near the canal I had a hunch that today I would spend more time in the bars total then I have since I bought them. I was right!

Off we go and it feels pretty good. Of course the tail wind was helping me some but overall, I felt pretty comfortable and relaxed. There's never much traffic on the canal so it was open territory. Or so I thought. I have a horrible habit of riding the center line. I'm not sure why, but I do know that when I'm on the road I worry about hitting the curb so I tend to stay pretty close to the left. Dave yells at me ALL THE TIME about riding over, or close to that center line and today wasn't any different. You can't see a line, but there is certainly one there and he reminded me soon after we started to get over on my own side of it.

A few miles into our ride and Dave says we are doing great at 19 - 20 mph, which is excellent for me. I was super excited to work hard and show him that yes, I can bounce back strong and hard. It's unfortunate that I couldn't stay on my side of the line heading down under Central Ave. because I had a pretty nasty sort-of head on, side clip kinda collision that left all of us on the ground dazed and wondering if all our parts were still functional.

I don't really remember how it all happened because just seconds after I saw him coming up towards me we made contact. We both tried to over correct I think and smashed into each other, but I take the blame for NOT BEING ON MY SIDE OF THE LINE!!! Had I been on the right and not down the middle, I probably could have given him more room and not hit him. I'm not sure if I went over the top of my bike or sideways, but I do know that Dave flipped over me, my head hit the ground pretty dang hard and my neck and back are pretty stiff. I remember laying there feeling scared saying to myself, okay Kim, can you feel your body? Do you need an ambulance. As I'm thinking this everyone is asking, are you okay, are you okay and I wonder, gosh - I don't really know yet but give me just a second to process what just happened.... About the time I realized that I was indeed okay, I was just scared and sore, all I wanted at that point was my phone so that I could call Rick. At that moment he was all I was thinking about and nothing more. Besides the fact that my bike was not ridable, I was pretty much done. I could not believe how fast he made it down there!

Dave walked away with some abrasions...he said he did a tuck and roll, which I kinda want to see! The other guy was also okay with just a sore knee I think.... My lesson - stay on MY SIDE of the line, not down the middle.

My bike is at the shop now and I hope to get it back today. I'd like to try biking again tomorrow. I suspect I'll still be stiff, but I can't get behind on my miles at this point and today's bike/run workout didn't get done.

(see the bars in the photo. I think they took the brunt of the fall. My front tire was messed up too...)

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