Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm Out

Well, I have officially pulled out of the Sprint Tri I was signed up for on Saturday. My neck and back are just really stiff so I don't think I'll make the swim without some real issues...Thanks to DCB Adventures for the race credit. It's unfortunate, but I can't turn my head to the right, let alone try and breath each stroke. Hollon gave me the number to his chiropractor so I'm going to give him a try.

Thanks to Trailhead Bike & Cafe for fixing my bike so fast. I didn't want bike fear to come over often happens after an accident, a little fear and anxiety so I decided early on that I wanted to ride again today. I knew I would not feel 100%, but as Hollon always says, "it's conditioning for something!" so Dave and I met at the same place for the same workout that was planned yesterday. As it turns out, he's feeling pretty sore and stiff too. He told me that today he was going to say at least 50 feet behind me lol... Seriously though, I saddled up my ride and off I went.

When I went to bed last night and closed my eyes, the accident was all I could see in my head over and over. When I woke I could hardly move. My Cure - Pop 2 Advil, drink some hot tea and start moving! I met Dave at Granada Park so I just really took my time and tried to warm up slowly because I knew the workout to come.

Once we started moving down the canal I had visions of the accident again in my head...fight, fight, fight! Stay to the right and just ride Kim, that accident was yesterday's news!!...I said over and did go away, and I'm glad. I can say that I didn't have fear, but I had caution and more awareness. Dave was pushing my speed to stay consistent so I was thinking about circles with my legs in order to keep my mind off the pain going down my back and neck. I'm pretty happy with the ride, though the headwind at the end really took my speed from me. My mental endurance has improved for sure.

Tomorrow I'm kayaking and running. With a long ride planned for Sunday with the Nelson's, I think I can focus on my running and be on track for the week's 100/25.

Thanks for all the emails and text messages.

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Clint, Marianne and Sage said...

Sheesh. Just read about your accident. I'd be skittish too! Glad you got back on and rode. That's the best medicine!