Monday, March 30, 2009

Holy Freakin Cow

Well geez....where do I start. I have been chipping away at my bike/run miles all month but it seems like a scramble towards the end to makes sure I'm not one mile short on either. With my cutoff tomorrow, I've spent most of my days biking and haven't had the time or energy to post updates...sorry. I am very happy to say, however, that I just finished 325 bike miles! HURRAY! Thanks to Lisa aka Lucinda, for pushing me through those last 16!!

Saturday was Rick's Camp Verde race so I was not able to get any miles that day. I did enjoy seeing all of my friends. It inspires me to see people push themselves but I noticed a huge change in my attitude. I use to be so happy being everyone cheerleader....seriously - I enjoyed it but it's not as satisfying anymore. Don't get me wrong here. The difference is, now I want to race. I feel like a little piece of life just passed me by standing there with my little "hurray" bell. ugh I missed out on all the stories and experiences teams go through when they struggle and overcome together. My story is I got to put up and take down equipment - wooohooo. I want to, play, play!

Sunday made up for my lack of exercise Saturday. I'm thrilled to say I ran my best 5k in 27 min 12 sec and came in 2nd in my age group. Damn I love being 40! There are less people in my division so MAYBE I have a better chance at winning something??? It was super fun just to hang out with girlfriends and cheer for each other. See, this cheering was different because I also got to play. I feel like a slug when I don't exercise. Get the difference?? Anyway...Georgie did her run in 23 freakin minutes!!!! Can you believe that? She's a MONSTER! ROAR (*wink) And thanks to Lisa for being drugged up on allergy meds :) hurray for Kim...

After our 5k I road my bike home and spent some serious time getting use to my aerobars. I had 18 miles to figure them out so I went in and out of them the entire ride home. Now I can be in the low position, take one hand off and fix my helmet or change gears and not have to take both hands up. I don't love them yet...but I don't dislike them as much. We are becoming friends....slowly.

Later in the afternoon Sunday I met Georgie, Lisa and Christine for a mtn bike ride. With the women's race coming up we all want to get some mtn bike time in so trail 100 is perfect for a quick diverse ride. It was fast and furious...without injury. Super fun!!

Dave kicked my @ss today in the gym. He pulled out some new stuff, bumped up some old stuff and my arms have been suffering for it all day. I had a swim today and WOW! I'm jello now. I LOVED IT! Sometimes I feel strong and today was one of those days. My shoulder still holds me back just a little, but I'm still trying to get her to catch up.

I'm tired...I have sweat on top of chlorine on top of sweat and now I need to go run for more sweat. ugh....that is gross.

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Clint, Marianne and Sage said...

You go Kim. Am always so impressed with your workouts. I see you're doing the SheRox tri in May--me too! I'll be the fattie waddling to the finish line, but it will be fun!