Thursday, March 19, 2009

I made it!!!

What a day. I knew that sometime this month I was going to be riding out to Bartlett Lake again. Dave had already told me weeks ago to be prepared for it, so I really was. I got the message on Tuesday afternoon that Wednesday was the I was ready.

Let me refresh your memory. The last time I biked to Bartlett (towards the end of summer last year) I said I would never do it again...but I was probably fresh off the ride and tired. It was miserable. My will was bigger then my ability at the time and the ride really was too much for me. I had pretty much begged Dave to let me try it.... I walked almost every hill, both up and down. My legs were not strong enough at the time, though I did finish it. Remember, I had a flat and had to go into Cave Creek, which added another big climb so I was not happy most of the ride...and that's a long way to go when you're not happy. Okay - is it all coming back to you know?

When Dave posed the Bartlett challenge I was a little excited, but then not so much. Here's why....I knew this time I could ride those hills. After all the hill riding Dave makes me do I just kinda knew that my legs were ready this time...I had more confidence in my ability. Not excited because that's a long & lonely ride - plus the traffic makes it a stressful ride.

The longest, more challenging section was up Cave Creek Rd to the Bartlett turn. That is the longest worst climb ever. It just doesn't stop and as I passed every section I walked the last time my confidence grew and grew. I was really proud of myself for putting in the effort that I did. I stood up and pounded it up that hill as best I could and when I finally reached the top I knew everything else to come was icing on the cake.

By the time I reached the bottom Dave was waiting for me. I felt really good and had plenty of food so I had him drop me off at Pima and Cave Creek for a fun downhill ride home. Overall I hit 67 miles, which is now my longest ride so far. When I hit the 60 mile point things kinda started to fall apart. My legs felt fine my my back, neck, arms and hands were really feeling it and I wanted to be done at this point. One stop for cold water and a stretch and I was going to push it home....

The shower was the best I've ever had!!! A quick hike up Lookout Mtn and now my legs are done!!! Sore and tired for sure.

I'm getting my aerobars put on today. I'm in for a 2-hour bike fitting and I can't tell you how happy I am.

Hurray for all the rides up and down every freakin hill on this side of town!!! It paid off yesterday for sure...


Hollon said...

Way to go Kim, awesome job and a tough ride. How do you like that hill coming out of Camp Creek towards the lake where all the atv's ride?

Clint, Marianne and Sage said...

Kuddos, Kim! You're a machine.