Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm so tired

Seriously, I'm pretty tired. Saturday one of the Zampino sista's and I did the Urban Adventure Race and it didn't disappoint! Ms. Z added a little adventure of her own too! The race was a skate/scooter & mtn bike with some "mystery" challenges mixed in the middle. Challenges like, find a security guard and take a picture of one teammate getting arrested or take a picture of your team swinging a golf club. Really cool, creative fun stuff...I was impressed.

We represented our women's riding group as team NWLB (no women left behind) and we sure did look good! Ms. Z was on a pretty heavy mtn bike and as we approached a "mystery" challenge stop I looked back to see her picking her bike up off the pavement. That is never a good sign! Sure enough she got caught on the curb and hit the pavement pretty hard. See picture for details...Poor Z was in shock, and although you see it dried up, when this sucker was fresh it was bleeding like crazy! The Zampino babes are TOUGH!

Overall we finished 6th and I'm very happy with that. I think if my navigation skills were a little buttoned up we might have pulled a 5th place but we'll never know.

That night Rick had a 5k race he was hosting so I took it as an opportunity to get more miles done for my monthly goal of 70. I marked his course for 3 and then ran the race for 3 and I'm happy with my time I guess. After just finishing a race in the morning and running at night, I finished at 29 minutes. More importantly though, I am chipping away at 70 miles and can't believe I only have 41 to go!!

Sunday Rick and I went Orienteering. This was pretty special for us because Dave, my IM trainer actually set the course and put out all the CP's so we were pretty excited to participate. Rick and I started off silly and unfocused so we made some minor navigation errors. We blew it off as "one of those days" and started taking photos and such. It was fun, but towards the end my legs were pretty tired of the stickers, cactus and the hike overall. My body felt like it was ready to shut off.

Today a group of friends and I mtn biked the duathlon course we are doing next weekend and let me say, it was not one of my better biking days. My legs are tired and the whole thing felt like one big hill. ugh! Where is my strength - where is my will. It was really all I had just to get the 12 miles done. Let's hope that by next Saturday I'll have some fresh legs.

So that's my and fun!

Oh - so I have a bad habit of cursing a lot while I'm riding or whatever. I don't curse at people, but I just say the F word more then I should so it's now my goal to find another word.


High Trek Adventure said...

Ouch! You're tough! wtg!

You should check out High Trek Adventure next time we roll into town.


CZK said...

Fun race . . . glad you did it with me! Sorry about my little accident. :(