Friday, March 20, 2009

A little secret

Okay so check this out!! My bars are on and my bike is totally dialed in. (Yes, this photo was indeed taken in my kitchen, but the light is better) The fitting was really cool...every inch was measured and adjusted. Perry, the bike guru said this bike was made for me....which really makes me happy. I was getting stressed about riding a road bike for IM instead of a tri bike. He told me one of his clients qualified for Kona on a road bike and as long as it's dialed in right, I shouldn't have any issues at all.

I left for the gym this morning and I was pretty nervous. I just kinda looked at them and wasn't really sure about the whole thing. Was I ready to try it? Not ready? Am I sure? Seriously - I was perplexed. took several miles before I got the guts to do it. Nice and slow, down I go....eeks.... I was all over the place. If you have biked with me you know I can't hold a very steady line most days. I like to go outside the white or yellow lines ALOT. Well, today was a little took me several minutes to calm down and try to straighten things. Speed is not a concern at the moment - it's comfort and as best I could tell, I was comfortable.

After the gym workout today I had a completely DIFFERENT view of my bars. Dave really killed my arms and shoulders so I was very happy to rest on my bars almost the entire ride home.

Okay - a little different post now. I had some folks email me about going on long rides, or rides in general with me and I'm going to tell you a little secret about me and riding. I kinda don't do that great in groups - and here's why. It's not ALL the time, but sometimes I get a helpless mentality when I'm with other people. Again - not all the time...but enough times that I'm often uncomfortable. I worry about my pace and my ability the entire time I'm with other people and it kinda takes the fun out of riding for me. I work harder and smarter when I'm alone and yes, I do get lonely sometimes but I never see that as a bad thing...I enjoy my solitude and being in my own thoughts and ideas. Now, that doesn't mean that I never want to ride with people...I do, but I try to be cautious about who I'm with and when or where we go so I don't hold you back....and so I don't have to be stressed out for the entire ride. If I say I can't ride with you - don't take it personal. Cool?


t said...

Sure, it's cool...but will you ride with me sometime? :-)

t said...

Sure, it's cool...but will you ride with me someday? :-)