Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nose blisters

Do you ever get them? Blisters inside your nose?? They look almost like cold sores and feel like it too. I seem to get them ALOT and they really do hurt. I constantly rub my nose with my bike gloves and that's why the little suckers pop up I think. The sores will stick around for a good two weeks and it becomes pretty difficult to wipe the snot so I'm sorry ahead of time if you see it running down my face. It's just too painful to do anything about it.

Yesterday I had a pretty fun workout with Dave and Windy....and the fact that I won certainly added to the fun, I won't deny that at all! We met at Papago Park for that challenge. They did a ride-n-tie and I mountain biked (in my big girl shoes) around the park twice. They told me up front not to get discouraged when they passed me and I'm thinking - oh great...this will be fun. So off we go right. Dave on the bike, Windy running. Out of the gate he passed me of course but at the first drop I was able to get ahead and didn't see them again until the hilly paved section. I was very happy at this point and was warned that that's where they would take me down. The most humbling experience - watching Windy run past me while I bike my ass off up a I so slow that a runner can pass me? Okay, yes, I am but I knew I had to work hard to keep a small gap between the two of us... I finally make it to the top of the hill and take my lead back. Hurray. If I can get enough speed going, I can get a big gap between us. I didn't see them again until the paved section....I locked out my suspension, stood up on my bike and gave my poor legs a beating. Knowing this was my last lap I really put all my effort into this section and it was great - I won! It was only by seconds but I won and I'm takin it!!!

If we break down the competition though, they did have the unfair advantage I realize that. I'm not so stupid that I don't get it but right beat Dave and Windy and that makes me a bad @ss :)


Anonymous said...

BTW – You beat us by more than a couple of seconds. You rocked out there and helped us do that course faster than we have in the past.


The Chaser said...

that is not something I have ever been able to say so congrats. lost every single like an hour.