Thursday, December 11, 2008

A bust...

This week Dave is on vacation and it's almost as if a part of me becomes a rebellious kid and says screw it (as I toss up my hands). I've done some workouts but they are half ass effort with little desire for more. I called some of my workout friends to help get me going and I think today I might end up on my bike with C.K....which is needed since I'm now behind on my miles.

I'm swimming with a friend again this week...back at Cactus since the maintenance is done. I was really enjoying Lifetime! Nice place. She use to be a swim instructor so it's nice to have her by my side...two fold really..a friend and coach... I need to get back and finish my sessions with Cliff. I think I've improved since we last saw each other.

Off to work...


John Rougeux said...

I found your blog today, and I enjoyed it! Keep up the training, and good luck on the Ironman next year!

I'm training for my first Ironamn as well - in Louisville in August 2009. If you have any questions for a fellow newbie, let me know!

Hope you check out my Ironman blog as well:

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Good workout tonight! Thanks for talking me into going. I am sore . . . my fingers, my arms, my abs and my quads OUCH . . . I hope I can brush my teeth in the morning.

President of I.H.B. Club