Friday, December 5, 2008

My bulging biceps

That's right...I'm proud to say that in this past week I think my biceps have risen an inch. I put one of my favorite shirts on today and I had to stretch the arms out so my biceps could breath. Ask me the next time you see me to flex for you..that's some sexy sh*t there! I just can't get enough! Is it vain to be in love with my arms?

So this has to be a little short today because I have a lot to get done for Rick's race tomorrow but just a YAHHOOO for me. I raced virtual Kim on the trainer today and I gave her the smack DOWN! We did one IM loop and at my best had nearly 4 miles on her which adds up to 45 IM minutes! Then Dave's Internet went down and we lost all the data from today. Bummer...but I was really killin it. My cadence was in the 50-60's, which is what it needs to be and my legs felt really great so I'm super happy!!! TONS of improvements have been made.

I'll write more Sunday and finish my story.

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