Monday, December 1, 2008

I've got more to say

(here it is!! I just got this info from's the Stairmaster Crossrobics 1650 LE - total bitch of a machine!)

I blogged once today but man, my gym workout was so freakin crazy I had to write again!

But wait..I forgot to tell you about my sexy legs :) So yesterday while I was waiting for Brigid I was doing some calf and shin stretching....WOW! Through the stubble I could see my muscles bulging out of my legs and man that's sexy ;o I was making myself drool! I had to do a double take because I couldn't believe how my legs have changed. There I am, in the middle of the parking lot checkin out my stuff with zero shame...yep, and I'm gonna do it again today too! There - just did!

Had a fantastic ass kicking I can't believe I sweat that much workout today at the gym. Every muscle fiber in my arms are just shredded....and my legs...and back and okay just all over. I'm so sore that holding my fingers up to type is making my arms hurt. LOVED IT!

Here is the deal - which I obviously forgot about. If I don't bike to the gym I get punished. Well, Dave doesn't call it punishment but please, let's get real. I even asked him why he was mad at me.... I don't know what this machine is called but it's a real butt kicker. I don't even know how to describe it really but just know that it sucks really bad and I'd rather have a tooth pulled then get on it. I had 10 minutes and Dave says, "no whining" which means I must have been really bad because he's never said that to me before. 10 minutes and I'm done...too tired to stretch and too tired to now drive home...I can't feel my legs because my quads are in a spasm and I can't hold the wheel because my arms are shredded...I should have biked...I should have biked....

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Clint, Marianne and Sage said...

Alright I am so intrigued. Two things. Is Dave expensive? and What is the machine you were on? I know you said you don't find out.