Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What a whirlwind

Wow, these past 5 days are really a blur. Let's see how much I can remember. Thursday was my first Ironman volunteer day at the registration tent. Let me first say WOW!!! What a well run operation. I picked up some really great ideas. Seeing all the athletes was truly amazing. I can't wait to be a part of that group. Thurs was a quick hike up A mtn when my shift was over.

Thur afternoon I stuffed swag bags for Rick's Mad Mud Run event that was Saturday. Carla from REI and I stuffed bags for over 8 hours!!! My feet, legs, back and hands were exhausted. I don't care if I see another swag (stuff we all get) bag in my life.

Friday was super busy getting everything ready at Rick's race sight and at REI so that day was pretty much shot...as was Saturday. Our day started at 3am and ended about 7pm so again, my legs, feet and arms were pretty much toasted.

Sunday at the Ironman again! This is were I really did learn a huge lesson. Watching the transition from swim to bike inside the changing tent gave me great ideas on what I need to do, and the best way to get it done. Those poor athletes were so cold that their teeth were chattering. My first order of business is to get a hood, gloves, booties and a wetsuit with arms. It just looked painful to see them so cold.

Monday was equally COLD! I worked the registration table again where some folks had been in line since 3am! Can you believe this. The line got so long at one point that it was from Tempe Beach Park to the Mill Ave. corner and down the street a ways. WOW! I was so lucky that I got to sign up for Ironman 09 before we even opened the gate.

I ended up in bed at 6pm last night. The exhaustion of 5 straight days on my feet just hit and I was out like a light. I'm glad it's over and to get back to my regular routine! Congrats to Cliff, my swim coach for finishing the Ironman in 16 hours! Nice job.....

This time next year I'll here, Kim Robinson you are an Ironman!

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