Friday, November 28, 2008

The Trainer

This is what I like about the me a second.....Oh, wait! I, that's not it.

Today I did this crazy hard workout that really made me sweat. The idea was to keep my RPM's high while going up a mtn and at the top of a mtn. As if the steepest grade (9%) was not hard enough, trying to maintain a high RPM at the top was stupid hard. Sweat was dripping down my scalp!!! I kept thinking about the workout that Jillian gave her group on Biggest Loser (my favorite show). They were doing a spin class for hours and she took their seats off so they had to stand and spin!!! YIKES. That's some crazy shit there!

Anyway. Tomorrow is my day off and I'm trail running up to 10 miles on Sunday. I'm pretty excited about that because my last run was a little over 9 miles and I had an injury. This time around should be better - I hope....

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