Monday, April 13, 2009


Yep..I'm very codependent. This past week I've had a pretty challenging time with..well...time management. I can't get my head to do longer workouts without Dave. That's not entirely true. I can't get my @ss on my bike without Dave babysitting me...that's the real truth. I'm not sure why but it's been challenging for me to transition from run to bike. I can do bike to run, but head does not want to turn it around and so I haven't been on my bike as much as I need to be. I'll reach my 2-week goals, but I'll be working my @ss off this week to play catch up on the bike. UGH!

I was suppose to do a long ride this weekend but blew it off. I did worry about what would happen at the gym this morning. eeks. I tried to play it low key hoping that Dave would not really ask too much about it, but I felt like a giant elephant was in the room so I just let it out...I didn't do my long ride [big sigh of relief] There - I said it!

Dave made me an offer - 20 minutes on "THE MACHINE" for 5 bike miles. Five bike mile was the better choice, but I did choose the machine for my own punishment, and to remind myself how challenging it was. Don't tell Dave this, but it was not really that bad ;D

Today I'm feelin pretty good so once my breakfast settles I'm going to get this 10 mile long run done for the week....My run yesterday was really fast so I'm curious to see if it was a fluke, or if I really am getting faster.

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