Thursday, April 9, 2009

One week to go

Wow, the clock is ticking on my two week goals! I calculate the numbers in my head and on paper at least 3 times a day just to make sure I didn't skip a mile here or there. Then if I don't ride, run or swim the entire configuration changes so fast. Keeping track of all this is like adding a discipline into the mix - geez.

I had a long run on my schedule today - 8 miles. I was feeling pretty good so I added almost another mile. I prepared properly with water and fuel so I'm happy to get the extra time on my feet. The best part of the whole thing was seeing the baby ducks along the canal. I have to admit...I stopped twice just to watch them swim - they were too cute to pass up.

So yesterday was my first day back to the Tri-group swim class. The same coach, Jon was still teaching and mentioned how much better I looked in the water. He put me in the slow lane where I kept drafting off the folks in front of me...I've gotten so much faster then a year ago...if only it showed in open water.

Pretty boring is some good info! I have a blister on my @ss from that freakin computrainer! I sweat SO MUCH and just sitting in the same position without the ability to move around or get some wind to dry me out is just too much - I can't take it. I have a heat rash and blister where the sun don't shine... :D

I came this close [ this is how close ] to getting hit by a car yesterday. I was crossing the street during my run and a woman was not looking as she turned the corner....had I been looking any other direction except in front of me, she would have hit me....

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