Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Define "Easy Week"

Yeah, the next time I hear "easy week" I'm going to get a written statement from Dave on what that actually means. What are the TERMS of "easy week" exactly. [by the way - you still owe me .55]

Today during "easy week" we rode our bikes UPPP South Mtn. Oh man...the easy part was that he was not timing us. Here is what I think...and let me try to say this in a way that makes sense (sometimes I confuse technical terms etc). Going up a hill, my watts (power output) had been really low, which translates into slow motion speed - is that an oxymoron? Dave and I have been doing a lot of work to improve my output and get those watts up. I think the last time we checked on the trainer my watts had improved, though not for long periods of time. In short, I'm starting to power up hills (good news). My theory though...because I'm working harder up hills now, my legs get tired really fast. I don't have the leg endurance to power up all of those South Mtn hills so I started getting sluggish through some of them, especially towards the top. I knew my watts had gone down...I could feel the difference but being EASY WEEK and all, I opted to keep my mouth closed about it...I'm fairly confident that he knows... :)

The Splash & Dash is Friday and this time I will not get out of the water and turn around to see how many people are behind me!!! I WILL NOT!

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